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We’re always searching the internet for the fastest, strongest, and biggest heroes in the Marvel universe. But what about the weakest ones? Do they deserve a spotlight, too? If you’re having trouble naming some, our list of the 10 weakest Marvel heroes will jog your memory.


Flatman is one Marvel superhero whom you’d never call to aid you in a fight. Val Ventura’s claim to fame involves him being able to flatten himself like a human pancake. It might sound quirky, but when it comes to throwing down with criminals, it’s not as cool as it sounds. The sad truth is, in the face of a real showdown, Flatman’s two-dimensional party trick becomes more of a liability and will easily get him killed. 


Slapstick, or as his friends know him, Steve Harmon, is another not-so-mighty hero with cartoonish power. While his animated physics might bring on the laughs, they don’t exactly make him a powerhouse. In this high-stakes situation where bullets are flying around, and people are running amok, looking to save themselves, Harmon will be more of a spectator than a superhero. His comedic powers may tickle your funny bone, but they’re not stopping armed criminals. 

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck might be spontaneous, but he’s no hero. Villains see him as more of a wise quacker than an actual threat. He doesn’t have super strength, not super speed or super flight, but wit and corny jokes. If you ever drop him into a city under supervillain attack, and his weak spots start to show.

Howard is quick with a sharp tongue, but when it comes to trading blows with the criminals and villains, he’s out of his depth. 


Dazzler, also known as Alison Blaire, is another Marvel hero with cheap party tricks for superpowers. Don’t be mistaken by her name; Dazzler can only turn sound into light. Put her in a room with a bunch of low-level criminals, and you’ll see why we have on this list.

Marvel comics have dedicated pages, where she has learned the hard way that her quirky powers don’t amount to anything. In a world of powers and battles, she’s a reminder that flashiness doesn’t always equal triumph.


As the name suggests, Maggott is a Maggot when it comes to power and fighting villains. He’s a Marvel mutant that has two slugs that can gobble anything and grant superhuman powers. The term ‘super’ might be super misleading here, as in a dangerous situation, he’s often perceived as one of the weaker links.

Put him in a room with two criminals with average combat skills, and you’ll see Maggott getting humbled. Many times, Maggott has overestimated his chances against a tougher opponent, and has got a reality check.


Doorman, or DeMarr Davis, can teleport from here to there but isn’t someone whom you’d call to have your back. To be honest, you’d prefer to call passersby for help rather than calling him. When it comes to abilities, DeMarr can teleport people to the next room; yes, this is his power—nothing more, nothing less.

This power might come in handy if you’re hiding from your ex-girlfriend, but in the real world, DeMarr will die if he faces a supervillain. I don’t remember exactly how many times DeMarr has thought he could outsmart villains with his teleportation tricks, only to be proven wrong. 


Call her Patsy Walker, or call her Hellcat; her name doesn’t make any difference, and neither do her powers. In the pages of Marvel comics, Patsy has made a name for herself by being agile and having a couple of magical powers, but nothing that would win her a spot on a superhero list to call when villains start to attack.

Like all of the above, she’ll lose too when facing villains or a group of criminals looking to rob a bank at Christmas. Many of her fights have ended in her facing an embarrassing defeat, where she thought her power would seal the deal.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha, or Ashley Crawford, is a no-good superhero with a size-altering trick up her sleeve. It might sound impressive, but it’s not; there are actually more downsides than upsides. The most obvious one is that being larger doesn’t always help in a fight. Most of the time (or should I say all the time), Bertha has trouble keeping up with faster enemies and those with energy or magical powers. 

Plus, there are times when changing size might not be a good idea – like when facing enemies with high-tech gadgets or smart strategies that could counter her powers and put her at a disadvantage. We might have overlooked it, but thanks to her, we now see that even powers like changing size have their drawbacks.

Meggan Puceanu

Meggan, aka Meggan Puceanu, is blessed with shape-shifting and elemental powers, but don’t give her full marks yet. Despite her bag of tricks, Meggan has a long history of losing to people, especially when she’s facing someone who can manipulate energy.

When such a villain counters her moves and hits her with those energy-based attacks, she’ll have no choice but to make a run for it. In a comic storyline (I don’t remember the name), she thought her shape-shifting and elemental moves could take down a mighty villain, but it didn’t quite go as planned.


Imagine your city’s on fire, chaos everywhere, and people are desperately trying to survive. Who would you want to call for help – a superhero who can move around at light speed or one who just understands different languages? I’d go with the speedy one. When things are crazy and time’s ticking, being able to rescue people fast is what you need most.

Understanding languages is cool but not exactly a lifesaver in the middle of a burning city. Doug Ramsey is that superhero who doesn’t do much except understand different languages. If this is any respite, he can even get the silent ones. Doug is the kind of hero you wouldn’t really count on unless, of course, you find yourself in a “who can understand more languages” competition.

So, this was our 10 Weakest Heroes in Marvel Comics. Did your favorite make the cut? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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