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Humorous, sarcastic, and more often than not, meaninglessly mindblowing, the Family Guy cutaways have long been an essential component of the episodes. What’s interesting about those mini, out-of-the-place snippets is that the writers pull no punches. In addition, the sense of unpredictability adds to the overall fun.

We weighed up dozens of cutaways from all the seasons so far to put together the list of our favourite Family Guy cutaways. As usual, do let us know what you think about out picks in the comments below:

Family Guy Cutaways

Timing farts with thunderstorm

According to Peter himself, timing his farts is one of the only two things he has ever been good at. While an important business meeting is underway, Peter starts exploiting the bad weather to cover his farts.

The man does a surprisingly good job until he gets cocky and he fails to time the last one. A little embarrassed (or, probably not), the man comments, “The Storm is moving away.” Well, it certainly did.

Family Guy Cutaways

Military-grade security to hide the dirty magazine

Even the world’s most secure vaults would feel inferior to the technologies and security systems Peter used to hide his porn. The way to the dirty magazine he has kept hidden from Lois – goes through more-than-enough number of stages of high-level security including full-body scanning, metal detection, retina verification, and whatnot. That’s not all, the magazine is stored in a high-tech safe that can’t be opened with just one key.

Family Guy Cutaways

Brian takes his blind girlfriend to Paris

Though it is more of a flashback than a cutaway – this is too hilarious to be left out. The womanizer is serious this time, but his blind girlfriend, who despises dogs, thinks he is a man. The girl is smitten by him as she thinks he cares for all her desires including her wish to visit Paris.

She believes the self-published author took her to Paris while in fact, it was a trick achieved with the help of a movable escalator, a croissant, and Brian’s lie-filled commentary. In Brian’s defense, he did manage to deliver the Paris feel!

Family Guy Cutaways

God introduces an Asian prototype

God and Jesus often make appearance on the show pretty much like an in-demand actor who is requested to make a cameo. And, we love it.

Family Guy has taken heat for stereotyping, but it’s never without fun. God is presenting an Asian-human prototype in a meeting just as a company boss would introduce a new model to a product already in existence.

God highlights several traits of the new addition to mankind. When asked if the man consumes regular food, God comments, “No, no, the opposite.”

Family Guy Cutaways

A thinking seagull is no good

Peter’s conversation with Meg always ends up in something worthless.  In one of the episodes the conversation led to the discussion of seagulls.

After the boss seagull delivers instructions to the young seagulls about how to ask humans for food, a seemingly smart seagull suggests they should try to find their food on their own. Well, it quickly goes south from there. The frustrated boss gives a hysterical lecture, and the smart boy knows why he should have remained silent.

Family Guy Cutaways

Stewie in a club with big boys

Though pretty short, the clip promises to make you chuckle, if not laugh.

Stewie knows where he needs to go in quest of relaxation. A boys’ dance club. Stewie is dancing in the company of big boys – all with his tops off. He wants to let people know he knows the owner of the club, but he wouldn’t miss the beat. Truly, the guy-with-nine-hair amazes us with his outlandish moves.

Family Guy Cutaways

Stewie choreographs Showgirls

Brian, and almost everybody else can count on Stewie. After all, he is the one who came up with the choreography for Showgirls.

As the head choreographer, the little guy is not pleased with how his dancer is moving her body. Hence, he has to get off his chair to teach her how to put on a clap-worthy show. Well, let’s just say what a pole dance! As per Stewie, if the dancer copies just 20% of his moves, and she will be good to go. That’s some dancing confidence.

Family Guy Cutaways

Performing an incredible act of heroism

When asked how he got hernia, Brian says he got it while performing an incredible act of heroism. We believed him, but we were wrong.

Here’s what really happened, Brian rushed to rescue a girl who was locked in a sinking car. He got a hold of the car, however, as soon as he noticed there was a baby in there too, he let the car slip away into the river. Quagmire is definitely right about Brian.

Family Guy Cutaways

Hockey Cop

Peter is certain he can set the school right by beating all the bad guys. The source of his confidence: His glorious days as the hockey cop, Gary Ratowski.

The cutaway takes us to the night when Peter confronted three hooligans who tried to snatch an old woman’s purse. Peter beats the three with his hockey stick while adding “puck” after almost every statement. When the real cops arrive, the hockey cop takes flight.

Family Guy Cutaways

Using a saran wrap

The picture above explains every emotion. We all can agree that Peter is clumsy, but sometimes the extent is too much. In one of such cutaways, Peter explains trying to wrap the food in plastic is harder than it seems.

The scene is a bit longer than an average cutaway, but it brings home the point: The food is kept in refrigerator to be thrown. We can’t argue, can we?

Are you a Family Guy fan? Do you agree with our picks? What are your favourite cut-away segments? Do let us know in the comments below!

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