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Q completes the pack as the only calm and composed Joker. He has got no weak spots, and to get him, the Jokers really need to work their brains. Plus, he generally has a straightforward, smiling way to get the job done whether it works or not. Over the years, he has highlighted some of the most iconic Impractical Joker moments.

With this piece, we take a look at the Q edition of the best Impractical Jokers bits. Let us know what you think about our picks in the comments below:

Q Crushes Women’s Rights

Q is invited to join a panel of guests to talk about women’s rights. While seeming to be in favour of women’s rights, Q has to say the darnedest things about women’s role in the society (of course, he doesn’t mean any of that).

Nothing goes well as he looks like a fool trying to make sense of senseless statements. Other guests, as well as the members in the audience, are shocked to hear his highly flawed opinion. Such are Q’s remarks, one of the members even has her head in her hands.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q
Q Doesn’t Need No Love

In the middle of a crowded stadium, a very pretty lady is confessing her love for Q. But, due to the strict punishment code, Q is required to turn her down no matter how badly he wants to say yes.

All he has to say is no – again and again and again. The girl starts shedding tears, but Q continues giving her a nay. At the end of it, a weird kind of uncomfortable silence blankets the stadium.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

Showdown with Sal

Q has built a kind of reputation over the years for being badly brutal while instructing. The man may demand you to do anything to make you lose. Something similar happens when he acts as a moderator in a discussion where Sal is the participant.

The answers he has written for Sal are too embarrassing to read, but, to everybody’s surprise, Sal carries on. In the end, as a final knock, he forces Sal to pull down his pants to show his Jaden Smith tattoo to people.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

Labour Demonstration

Q is going to teach women how to keep calm during labour using a special device that simulates the exact pain felt by women in labour. Q starts his class with a bunch of tall talks like how he learned the techniques in India and all.

But, just as the demonstration begins, the man jumps like a cat on the hot tin roof. As the device intensifies pain, Q starts smashing things around him while dropping dozens of cuss words.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q
The Birds and The Bees Talk

What could be more uncomfortable than having to give the sex talk to one’s own parents? Well, Q has felt the stinging discomfort of doing so. For his punishment, Q is made to teach sex to his parents.

Q even uses props to demonstrate the process, and immediately it gets seriously absurd to watch. The man is visibly red out of embarrassment as his parents feel sorry for his helplessness.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

Drive Drive Drive

This one might get the title of the most exhausting Impractical Joker’s punishment ever. Q has to deliver food items to each of the Jokers while a bunch of puppets sing a stupid song in the backseat. The delivery-boy-for-a-day goes from Staten Island to Lower Manhattan to Long Island. And, then back to Staten Island, and from there to New Jersey.

His punishment is over after 11+ hours have elapsed. He is so tired in the end that he forgoes the car and decides to go back to his home through a different means of transport (anything other than a car).

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

“What Does That Mean?”

This bit has acquired the status as one of the most iconic IJ moments. Q tries to shake hands with a stranger who is anything but unafraid.

He continues asking, “What does that mean” while the looks on his face suggest Q is a soul reaper of some kind. Noticing his fright, Q bumps up the creepiness a bit and makes sure the man remembers the incident for the rest of his life.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

Q Draw X

The worst thing anybody could possibly do is infuriate kids on purpose. Q, however, had to disregard his love for kids in an art class where it was brought upon him to ruin children’s paintings by drawing a big ‘X’ on them. The insensitive nature of the task has Q avoiding making eye contact with anyone in the room. Parents and kids watch in total shock as Q goes from one to another with a paint brush in hand.

One of the girls in the class comments angrily, “No words to describe how much I don’t like you right now.”

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

Q-One Looks Like Q-Two

The initial Jokers episodes frequently highlighted Q’s resemblance with Rosie O’Donnell. With this punishment, the running joke got a perfect wrap-up.

While Q is doing a presentation at a college, he mentions cloning technology. He tells the students that his company has developed the first human clone. And, boom! Rosie O’Donnell appears as his clone. People can’t stop laughing, and neither can he.

Impractical Jokers - Best of Q

Q, The Man Who Put Fashion in Danger

As a fashion designer, Q is presenting his style during a ramp show. However, what his models are rocking are the farthest thing from fashion. A guy wearing a hospital gown, a bunch of kids wrapped in rag-like, un-sewn clothes, a delivery man with two bags of something, and others in the same line.

Well, that’s the kind of fashion show Q is doing! People are left open-mouthed while Q has his head down most of the time.

There we have it, our lists of 10 best Impractical Jokers moments featuring Q. What do you think about our picks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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