Zorro – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Zorro begins with the Governor addressing Nah-Lin’s men, whom Capitan Monastario arrested last night. The Governor lies to the natives that he has no intention to harm them. Moreover, the Governor asks a couple to convey his message to Zorro, but he orders Monastario to shoot them in the back as they leave. Monasterio hesitates, but he eventually carries out the order with a heavy heart.

As for the remaining few,  the Governor orders them to be executed and buried outside the town. As the episode goes on, Ramirez’s brother heads to the town after being informed of his brother’s death by the Governor. Unfortunately, Nah-Lin attacks his carriage, kills his guard, and kidnaps him. When the Governor catches wind of it, he asks Monasterio to find Ramirez’s brother no matter what. 

Additionally, he also advises Monasterio not to utter a word about there being two Zorros. Make no mistake, the Governor isn’t Antonio’s friend. The only reason he has called Antonio to California is to kill him so that the coal mine that Antonio had inherited from Ramirez would become the government’s property. 

The Governor later plans to sell this mine to Andretevich, the owner of a Russo-American company. On the other hand, Zorro gains an audience with Nah-Lin, thanks to the natives, and asks her to release Antonio, or the Governor will have her men killed. Nah-Lin releases Antonio, but the Governor finds an opening and smothers him with a pillow. Like always, Zorro shoulders the burden of the crime he hasn’t committed. 

Lolita gets into a verbal confrontation with her father, who calls her spoiled. When Lolita talks back, Tadeo slaps her right across the face. In anger, Lolita threatens to kill her father if he ever lays a hand on him ever again. Moreover, Lolita also mounts her horse and rides to the De La Vega’s ranch, but changes her mind after seeing Mei there.

Lolita has begun to question marrying Monasterio, and you can tell by her fiddling with her engagement ring at the dinner. Monasterio investigates and finds that Antonio has been smothered to death. He suspects the Governor to be the killer, as he is the last person to see Antonio alive. 

Nah-Lin confesses to Diego that she hasn’t killed Antonio and someone is framing her. Nah-Lin also agrees to team up with Diego to free her men. They infiltrate Diego’s mine and steal explosives.  Therein, Diego encounters a group of masked men scouring through Ramirez’s things as if they’re looking for something valuable. These masked men share an insignia on their masks identical to the one we saw on the mask of the person who shot Diego’s fathers. Diego tries to capture them, but they escape.

The following morning, Zorro and Nah-Lin launch an assault on the prison, successfully rescuing the innocent tribesmen. Monasterio, despite having a clear shot at Zorro, intentionally misses, realizing that the true villain is the Governor, not the masked vigilante. Once Nah-Lin’s men are saved, she decides to go separate ways despite Zorro asking her to. As the episode nears its end, Zorro finds out that both his father and Ramirez, are part of some sort of secret society.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Zorro maintains its good streak and, like all the other episodes, doesn’t disappoint in action and drama. We see Monasterio finally realizing the extent of the Governor’s corruption. At the episode’s end, we see him intentionally missing the shot, allowing Zorro to get away.

So, it’s possible that in the coming episodes, we will see him teaming up with the masked vigilante. In addition, Zorro has found out that his father was part of a secret group, which eventually turned their guns on him, but why?

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