Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Flight Attendant of the Dead

Episode 4 of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead begins with Akira playing a zombie-themed FPS game while Kencho cooks Akira and himself a meal on the roof. Kencho mocks Akira for not being able to get a date but wishes him good luck.

Akira returns to playing the video game while Kencho examines Akira’s bucket list. Kencho adds some things to the bucket list despite Akira urging him to make his own list. Kencho promises Akira he’ll be with him for the long haul since he prevented his death. Akira asks Kencho to visit Ikeburo with him to get a widescreen television to fulfill one of his bucket list items.

Kencho explains why he’s always wanted to be a stand-up comic to Akira, making Akira question his own dreams. Akira and Kencho run into an issue involving an oncoming truck driven by a zombie. Akira successfully maneuvers his way through all the zombie obstacles. He and Kencho hide in a mall’s underground department store area and bump into survivors. These people aren’t as positive about the zombie apocalypse as our protagonists.

Kencho and Akira realize they can complete one of Akira’s bucket list items since most survivors here are females. The girls introduce themselves as Reika, Maki, and Yukari. Reika says they’re all flight attendants, making Kencho and Akira happier. Akira questions how he can help the flight attendants have a better time since the zombies are ruining it for him. Akira spots Kencho having an easy time with one of the attendants. This entices Akira to snort Tequila to get one of the other girls to notice him and laugh.

Akira’s plan works out, and all the girls start laughing. Akira visits the restroom to throw up, and Yukari checks on him. Meanwhile, Kencho and Maki visit a store to have intercourse. Reika complains about life while the other man they survived in the mall with turns into a zombie and attacks her. She screams, alarming Kencho and Maki. Meanwhile, Yukari tells Akira she checked on him because she was worried. However, she confirms she has a boyfriend and knows he must be safe somewhere, upsetting Akira because he wanted to hit it off with her. However, he’s grateful that Yukari’s a nice person and gave him a chance to dream.

At the same time, Maki and Kencho bump into a zombified version of Reika, who attacks and kills Maki. Kencho kills Reika with her suitcase and questions the other man’s whereabouts. Yukari confesses her qualms with her career with Akira, who realizes she shares a similar sentiment as him. Despite wanting to work in the production industry, working in this field helped Akira realize that his dream was a borrowed one. Suddenly, the man arrives and kills Yukari. Akira punches him off Yukari but realizes she’s been infected.

Yukari tells Akira to leave her be and admits she loves her job despite her qualms. Akira departs and bumps into Kencho, who swiped an 8K widescreen television. Akira and Kencho flee the area and return to their hideout. After recalling Kencho and Yukari’s words, Akira adds a new bucket list item. He wants to remember his childhood dream. The episode closes with him continuing to play the zombie game.

The Episode Review

Unfortunately, this episode received a last-minute delay due to production issues. However, it didn’t disappoint as it gave fans another thrilling chapter in Akira and Kencho’s journey through the apocalypse. The chapter had our boys meet a few other survivors. While they didn’t receive as much development, these people had some shining moments that’ll help them make a decent impression. 

Of the survivors present, Yukari’s the most memorable. It was sad to see her perish, but it was pleasing to know she accomplished her dream before she turned into a zombie. Despite her short presence in the anime, viewers can tell her demise had an impact on Akira. While he may resort to his old ways afterwards, he’ll certainly take the apocalypse a bit more seriously after their exchange. 

The episode’s comedy and action sequences were great. From Akira snorting Tequila to the insane BMX-like stunt he pulled during the zombie truck driver escape scene, fans will love the amount of detail that went into this chapter’s production. While the episode had its issues behind the scenes, it appears Bug Films’s trying its best not to disappoint viewers in that department. Overall, this was a solid episode that tackled meaningful themes. I’m looking forward to seeing what else lies ahead for our protagonists. 

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