Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Bucket List of The Dead

Episode 2 of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead begins with Akira waking up from a nightmare and reminding himself that he no longer has to go to work because of the zombie apocalypse. While Akira’s having the time of his life drinking beer and cleaning his home, we cut to a news reporter reporting on the madness the zombie apocalypse is causing before she gets attacked by one. After watching the reporter perish, Akira questions his predicament for a bit before drinking more beer comes to his mind.

Unfortunately, Akira runs out of beer, forcing him to leave his home to retrieve more. We cut to a couple who have not been turned into zombies yet. They visit their balcony and discover Akira hanging around one of their poles. He explains his situation and plans to them and promises to deliver them some goods after his trip to the store.

He arrives at the store and spots a girl drinking water. Akira grabs some beer and tries exchanging numbers with the girl. She doesn’t give it to him, but she berates him for risking his life for beer. She says she’d never team up with someone who doesn’t have his priorities straight. Akira ignores her because a group of zombies enter the store. She grabs Akira to save him from a truck that crashes into the store to kill the zombies. Akira thanks her and notices his bike’s been damaged by the truck’s impact.

Akira finds a motorcycle and uses it to return to the Kosakas’ (the people he met earlier) place. Unfortunately, the Kosakas’ home is covered in blood and is severely damaged, making him realize they’re dead or zombies. He returns home and contemplates his life. He takes out his bucket list and starts 33 things into his bucket list before going to bed.

We cut to a flashback involving the girl Akira met at the store. She’s working out and listening to the emergency broadcast on her radio. She tries contacting the L.A. station but receives no response, so she spends time jotting down things to do to avoid becoming a zombie. The girl analyzes the zombie types outside with her binoculars and jots information down. She leaves her home to gather essential supplies but is tempted to get one of her favorite desserts, Sakura Mochi.

Suddenly, Akira enters the store singing his beer song, and we receive the girl’s perspective on the situation and Akira during this time. Thanks to the camera she has on her bike, she saw the car before it collided with the store. After arriving home, the girl looks at her footage and spots Akira before he entered the building. The episode closes with her wondering if she should’ve gotten the Sakura Mochi at the store.

The Episode Review

Unfortunately, this episode wasn’t as well-animated as the previous one. However, it gives us great insight into the world, its characters, and their different perspectives on their new situation. Having Akira going about his day drinking beer, watching tv, and cleaning his home was charming to see. Nonetheless, Akira shows some concern for his predicament countless times throughout the episode.

This shows that he’s not completely oblivious to the dangers that lurk beyond his home. The scene involving him staring at the Kosakas’ damaged apartment to the title of his bucket list shows that he knows he can die at any given moment.

Although it’s unfortunate we couldn’t receive her name in this episode, the female we get introduced to in this week’s chapter is fascinating. She’s a great parallel to Akira’s character. Unlike Akira, she’s deadset on doing everything in her power to survive. From the title of her bucket list to her refusal to grab a succulent sweet at the store, this female will be someone worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks.

Overall, this was a great episode of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead and I can’t wait for more chapters. 

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