Zero Chill – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Triple Threat

Episode 7 of Zero Chill begins with Ava’s Mother, Elina, trying to recruit Kayla into her solo ranks. Kayla’s Mother overhears and believes this could be a big opportunity for her daughter. Instead though, Kayla politely tells her she’ll think about this for the time being. In order to help her, Kayla’s Mum suggests they go shopping together.

Meanwhile, Mac continues to find himself conflicted. Luke shows up and finds Mac in a rut, as he admits he doesn’t know whether he wants to continue on and play hockey. Packing his things, he takes off before training is complete. Unfortunately this causes more contrived drama to ensue as Kayla’s Mother breaks things off with her daughter to tend to Mac’s needs.

Mac is having none of this though and lashes out at his Father, calling him a failure and storming out the house. This brings him back to Sky, who’s now out of hospital and back to her old self. Mac admits that he regrets what he’s said to his Father and goes for a walk to clear his head. When he does, Sky decides to reschedule with Kayla and hangs out with her brother instead.

Elina overhears all of this transpire and invites Kayla out shoe shopping with her. While they’re there, they run into Anton and Ava which causes more drama to arise. In the end, Elina agrees to buy Kayla some skates. Ava sees this and eventually grows closer to Anton. He even gives her a special hockey stick too.

That evening, Elina stirs up more trouble as Kayla rings and tells her she needs to give the skates back. At the rink, Mac and Sky happen to be on the ice and start kissing. When they do, Kayla meets Bear and Sam outside. They head in and immediately see Sky and Mac on the ice together.

Sky follows an angry Kayla outside and tries to explain herself but Kayla is having none of it, claiming that Sky never wanted to be her friend. At the same time, Bear calls out Mac in front of the whole team for handing over the notebook to Carson. Mac weakly tries to explain himself through sputtering and stammering, but the team simply nudge him out the way and walk off.

The Episode Review

It’s all kicking off in Zero Chill now as our characters stumble head-first into some painfully contrived and forced drama. We’ve got the misunderstanding trope here now too, this time in the form of Sky and Mac’s kiss on the ice. At the same time, characters just seem to be flip flopping their motivations with little rhyme of reason. This time we’ve got passionate hockey player Mac deciding he no longer likes hockey.

Meanwhile, Kayla believes the world is out to get her and plays the victim, refusing to hear out Sky following her moments with Mac. All of this leads to her eventually deciding to team up with Elina, who’s inexplicably given up on Ava now and turned her attention to Kayla.

As we reach the final 3 episodes, Zero Chill looks like it’s gearing up for a very dramatic – and very contrived – finale.

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