Zero Chill – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Head Rush

Episode 6 of Zero Chill begins with Sky awakening from her dream to find herself in hospital. She’s okay though, but her Mother continues to express concern.

Meanwhile, Mac heads back to the rink where he’s just in time for Anton grilling the team over their performance. He warns them all that they need to prove themselves or they’re finished. Mac is distracted though, wanting to see Sky but refused the opportunity to do so. At the same time, Ava finds herself given a big opportunity of her own, with Anton giving the green-light for her to go in goal during training.

Kayla sneaks into the hospital dressed as a cleaner, intent on finding out if Sky is okay. Unfortunately Kayla is called away by one of the nurses who tells her there’s a massive mess in the children’s ward that needs cleaning. Instead of cleaning, she ends up getting involved in the fight. That is, until her Mother shows up and berates her for what’s happened.

Back on the ice, Mac hilariously whacks himself in the face with a hockey puck. It bounces off the frame of the goal and knocks him clean out. On the back of this, Mac is taken off to hospital. I know this moment isn’t supposed to be funny but it’s so outlandishly ridiculous one can’t help but chuckle.

Anyway, at hospital he runs into Sky. They talk together alone, where Mac admits that he blames himself for Jacob leaving. Sky though sticks up for him and claims that Jacob’s decision was solely his own.

Meanwhile, Ava impresses Anton and she’s encouraged to join the team. This is on a probational period though and alongside Sam, the other goalie. Tellingly, she hugs Anton upon learning this news.

Speaking of hugging, Kayla patches up her differences with Sky’s Mum, Holly, culminating in a hug between the two. When Kayla heads in to see her though, she finds Sky and Mac gone from their ward.

It turns out they’re in the park together but just before they kiss, the kids from the children’s ward suddenly show up. With a moment’s respite, Mac has second thoughts and realizes that hockey may not make him as happy as it did before.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 shows Sky absolutely fine after the small pockets of drama with her falling on the ice, and even has Mac questioning whether to continue his hockey career or not. Given he flew halfway around the world with his entire family to do this, you’d think he would have figured that out before.

Meanwhile, Zero Chill starts to include more subplots into the run-time, namely those including Bear and Sam who have had barely any screen-time before this second half. It really does feel like this show is running on empty at times, with very little substance to speak of. With a handful of episodes to go, this has not be a show to remember.

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