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Joining The Cause

Episode 2 of Zero begins with a group of criminals burning Shariff’s bike and antagonizing the local homeless man, Dietmar.

In the morning, officers begin asking questions, eventually searching Shariff and his gang. The pizza place is a mess too but Omar is interrupted by a call from Shariff. He knows Omar’s secret and has no intention of leaving him alone.

On the way home, Omar drops off some comic strips for Anna, depicting her as special and hinting at a possible relationship between them. Anyway, Shariff talks to his gang about the bracelet but suddenly all the lights in the neighbourhood go out.

While the crowd rally together, Omar learns his Father has taken his money to pay for the rent. To make matters worse, Shariff and his buddies show up in the house and begin looking around. Thankfully they give his bracelet back in the process.

Here, we also get to see who these different kids are. Momo is a rock and not scared of anything (although flashbacks prove otherwise!), Sara is a music producer while Innocent (or Inno) is a talented football player. They want him to join them and save the neighbourhood. For now though they leave Omar in peace, and with lots to think about.

In the morning, Omar heads off to meet Anna. However, when her friends show up Omar becomes flustered and walks away. Anna follows and calls him special, kissing the boy on the cheek.

This burst of euphoria is short-lived though when Omar heads back to the hood. Dit has been killed and as he’s taken away on a stretcher, Omar decides to join the gang after all. He has a plan – and it involves playing poker.

The Episode Review

Zero returns and starts to deepen the ties between characters. Anna and Omar are starting to grow closer together but it seems like Edo could end up caught in the middle of all this. Could he also be the ringleader in charge of the different criminals in town?

That side of things is still unclear but what is clear lies with Omar’s motivations. He’s determined now to hit back at those who would wrong the neighbourhood and this means joining Shariff and his gang.

With the poker game up next, it seems like Omar may be using his invisibility to gain an advantage over the other players. We’ll have to wait and see of course, but for now Zero bows out with another good chapter.

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