Zebrahead – II | Album Review

Track Listing

No Tomorrow
Licking On A Knife For Fun
Evil Anonymous
Middle Street Blues


Impending doom seems to be on the minds of these musicians, and their world is crumbling before their eyes. Death has become such a topic in everything we speak about these days – depression even more so – and it’s bleak to say the least.

Punk icons Zebrahead implement their expressions here on II, expressions which don’t just focus on the better days but actually on the days where getting up and facing the worlds is a debilitating struggle.

It can be grim listening to this EP, but we can’t fault the band on their musical transparency, and their clear devotion to the cause. II is a stab at punk rock and its darker side, a record that conveys problematic instances and the pollution of war. Love has no place here, as misery overtakes and hearts belt for peace.

The guitar lines are fresh and daring enough, and you certainly can’t detract from the fact that these musicians are brilliant at what they do. They may go against the grain and shout out for calm, which is a viable reason these days, but for some it could to be too much.

‘No Tomorrow’ starts the EP off in punk style. Ferocious guitar lines follow the gritty vocals and the message clearly states that everything isn’t what it should be. An apocalypse is definitely on the mind, and the song excels even with its dark tones.

‘Evil Anonymous’ begins with gratifying guitar tones and informative lyrics which tell us that the world is going to the dogs. The band is suffering, and their anecdotes are more than relevant.

‘Middle Seat Blues’ is blistering and compelling, while showcasing a rap style. Punk takes centre stage, and the misery keeps on killing the joy. It’s a fast-paced track, bolstering the grittiness.

Zebrahead describe their agony on II, an EP that may not appeal to everyone, but for the diehards, it will empower.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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