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The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Outcome of Uta’s Love

Episode 6 of The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons begins with Gakuto informing Hayato of Minato and Mikoto’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Minato tells Nikaido and Mikoto he wants to be with Uta forever. Minato asks Nikaido for his phone and researches activities people participate in when dating. After researching, Minato tells Nikaido he doesn’t want to do any of those things with Uta. Nikaido suggests Minato let Mikoto marry Uta. He argues if Mikoto weds her, Minato will be less jealous since they’re family members. Mikoto refuses. Nikaido tells Minato to let it go and Mikoto and Minato return home. Minato contemplates if he should discuss his qualms with Uta for a while. 

During school, he notes how they haven’t spoken to each other as often. Nikaido suggests he approach Uta as usual. Minato asks Uta if she’d like to walk home or build the secret fort with him, but Uta declines his offers. Nikaido and Mikoto discuss Minato’s sadness and offer to help him build his fort. Minato says he’ll do it on his own. While Minato heads for his secret fort, Morita asks Uta if she wants to walk home with him. At the fort, Minato contemplates adulthood and what the future holds for his relationship with Uta. He wishes things could stay the same between him and Uta. Minato declares he’ll continue building the fort by himself regardless if Uta returns to his side. 

Minato bumps into Saki and she tells him Uta’s not in love, shocking him. Minato returns to the fort and spots Uta. He asks her why she’s not hanging out with Morita. Uta reveals Morita belittled her for acting more like a boy instead of a girl. She says she can’t explain why this caused her to feel such emptiness and sorrow. Minato explains why she’s feeling this way and motivates her to be herself. Uta tells Minato she wants to continue building the fort with him. Minato informs the audience that she broke up with Morita. We cut to these two, alongside Nikaido and Mikoto building the fort together. 

As Uta and Minato laugh together, Nikaido remarks how it’s great seeing them laugh together again. However, he finds it strange how a boy and a girl can have as strong of a connection as those two and asks Mikoto if Uta and Minato have always been this close.

The episode closes with Mikoto alluding to that not being the case. 

The Episode Review

The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons continues to surprise audiences with its wonderful themes, characters, and production quality. Going into this anime, many expected a hodgepodge of slice-of-life scenarios involving the four brothers. However, like this episode, this anime finds a way to tackle relatable subjects with virtue providing fans with an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the “call of duty” at times. From Minato’s heartfelt discussion with Uta to its funny scenarios involving Gakuto and Hayato, everything flowed well here. 

Many viewers will find Uta’s dilemma with Morita extremely relatable. There will always come a time when you encounter someone who doesn’t accept you for who you are. However, there will be people, like Minato, who’ll lend you a hand despite your preferences and appearances. The way this episode captured that scenario via its visuals and dialogue will strike viewers at their core and many will appreciate this work’s author for keeping a serious tone when conveying this message in that scenario. Moreover, seeing Minato contemplate adulthood and his friendship with Uta adds depth to his character and the narrative.

Overall, this was a well-written chapter of The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons. It gives viewers some splendid topics to ponder and some nice foreshadowing for future developments involving our cast. I’m excited to see what other surprises lie ahead for our boys and girls in this tale. 

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