Yu Yu Hakusho — J-drama Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Yu Yu Hakusho starts with a flashback of a man watching his friends being eaten alive by a monster. The episode then moves on to the fight between the Taguro brothers as well as Yusuke and his friends.

What happens to Yusuke?

Yusuke uses all his might to fight Younger Taguro, who has not even reached his full potential yet. Yusuke’s spirit gun pales in comparison and he is not able to knock Younger Taguro down. Just when Yusuke gives up, Hiei and Kurama show to help him attack Younger Taguro.

Younger Taguro challenges the two Yokai who are already injured after their respective fights with Kurasa and Bui. The trio attack Younger Taguro but still does not manage to provoke him enough so as to make him reach his full potential.

Yusuke uses the Spirit Gun on Younger Toguro which provokes him to attack the trio more fiercely.

What happens to Kazuma?

On the other hand, Kazuma, Yakina and Kieko run into Elder Taguro who attacks them. The Spirit Sword does not work on Elder Taguro but only gets Kazuma tired while fighting the Yokai. Yakina tries to help Kazuma, but this puts her on Elder Taguro’s radar and he also tries to attack her.

Kazuma eventually uses his sword on Elder Taguro, splitting his body in half. He thinks he has managed to kill the Yokai but Elder Taguro attacks Kazuma and pierces him in the chest with his monstrous claw. He re-joins the two pieces of his body which leaves the three youngsters shocked.

What do Koenma and Botando to save the human world?

While the Taguro brothers are fighting Yusuke and his friend, Sakyo uses the time as a diversion and starts trying to merge the two worlds – the Demon and Human Worlds. Botan sees this and tells Koenma, who makes a temporary protection around the island, to save the human world.

Knowing that the protective shell won’t stop Sakyo’s machine for long prompts him to go to Sakyo’s island to try and stop him. Sakyo agrees to let Koenma have a deal and promises to stop only if Yusuke and his friends can defeat the Taguro brothers.

Who kills Elder Taguro?

Running away from Elder Taguro, Kazuma and the girls end up reaching the playground where Yusuke, Kurama and Hiei are fighting Elder Taguro. Elder Taguro gets excited upon seeing what Younger Taguro has done to Yusuke and his friends. He recalls Younger Taguro’s past and tells Yusuke and the rest how he had a relationship with Genkai.

Elder Taguro recalls how Genkai and Younger Taguro were friends when he was once a human. The older frail Yokai tells the youngsters how his younger brother killed Genkai a few days ago. Yusuke is shocked to learn the truth. Botan hears that Younger Taguro was once a human and tries to look up his past. She learns that Younger Taguro was once a fighter like Genkai.

After witnessing a Roundworm monster Yokai kill his students, Younger Taguro becomes determined to become a monster himself. Younger Taguro on the other hand gets upset with Elder Taguro for bringing Genkai up and kills him with his own hands.

What happens to Younger Taguro?

The news of Genkai’s death strikes Yusuke hard and he grows angry. He gets up and attacks Younger Taguro with the Spirit Orb’s power that Genkai gave him. The attack brings out Younger Taguro’s true form which is of a muscular giant that is 3 times larger than his old powerful self.

The four boys, Yusuke, Hiei, Kazuma and Kurama try hard to stop him. Younger Taguro tries to attack Kieko which angers Yusuke. All four boys try hard to stop him from getting to the girls.

On the other hand, Botan tells Koenma the truth about Younger Taguro’s human form. Younger Taguro knocks Kazuma out which further angers Yusuke. Yusuke punches Younger Taguro with all his might and channels the Spirit World’s energy to point his final Spirit Gun on Younger Taguro. The shot brings out Younger Taguro’s human side and he is dead.

What happens to Sakyo?

Yakina sees Kazuma’s dead body and revives him with his powers. On the other hand, Turakane learns that Yakina has fled and is angry. However, he is met with the roundworm monster who is on the loose and kills him. Botan and Koenma go to the real world and as per their deal, Sakyo stops the two worlds from merging. Sakyo kills himself by shooting himself in the head.

How does Yu Yu Hakusho end?

The show ends with Hiei giving an amulet necklace to Yakina. He lies to her telling her that she is not his sister. Yakina, however, realises that Hiei was keeping the fact a secret. The four boys, Yakina and Kieko get in a boat to go back to their respective homes.

Botan and Koenma finally put Younger Taguro’s death to rest and conclude that his human side is what brought him down in the end. In the afterlife, Younger Taguro walks down the path of the demon world and surprisingly finds Genkai waiting for him there.

On the boat ride back home, Yusuke apologises to Kieko for putting her through so much trouble. Kieko tells Yusuke that she made a friend on the journey and looks at Yakina who is talking to Kazuma.

The Episode Review

The finale of this show was just as well made as the other episodes but my only gripe with the live-action version is that it seems rushed. There is little to no conviction in the actions done by the characters on this show and the length of this drama that we should blame.

The show indeed is a quick weekend watch but at what cost? We get no insight into Sakyo’s character, his motivations and how he gave up on trying to merge the two worlds so easily.

It is also not clear how Koenma got that pacifier stuck in his mouth and there is no mention of this detail in the live-action version of the manga. There are many good aspects as well as bad aspects about this show and we will detail those in our full season review to follow!

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