Yu Yu Hakusho – J-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Yu Yu Hakusho starts with Yusuke following along the path that Koenma and Botan tell him to find Hiei. Yusuke asks for the Shadow Sword (also known as the Conjuring Blade) back. The two start fighting wherein Yusuke tries to use the Spirit Gun on Hiei but notices that the latter is much faster than him.

Hiei leaves Yusuke alone and at the same time, Tarukane goes to Kubikukuri Island to Sakyo’s House. There, he brings Yakina along with him for Sakyo to keep along with the other Yokai on his island. There, Sakyo introduces Tarukane to the two other investors of their new project, which happens to be a club.

Sakyo films a battle between two Yokai, Younger Toguro and another Yokai creature. Younger Toguro ends up killing the other Yokai in a single punch which leaves Tarukane shocked. Sakyo asks for Yakina to be taken inside but when her cage is brought in, Tarukane notices that her cage is empty.

The guards rush around the island looking for Yakina while one of the guards tries to fly her out. However, Elder Toguro catches them fleeing. The guard tries to shoot at Elder Toguro but the bullets do him no harm. In return, Elder Toguro kills the guard and takes Yakina back inside.

Tarukane enjoys the fact that Yakina has shed tens of ice tears which would probably make him a very wealthy man. At the same time, Sakyo shows Tarukane how Hiei and Yusuke were fighting each other outside his mansion. Sakyo offers a battle between the different Yokai species for the entertainment of the members of the ‘Black Book Club’.

To prepare Yusuke for his battle against the other more powerful Yokai, Botan asks Yusuke to go train with Master Genkai, an ancient female fighter. Botan tells Yusuke that Genkai is someone who helps fighters harness their spiritual energy to win fights. Kazuma overhears their conversation yet again and asks to join Yusuke on his training trip.

Genkai sees Kazuma’s persistent attitude and agrees to train him alongside Yusuke. Despite several attempts at trying to channel the Spirit Energy to stand upside down on two fingers, Yusuke fails. Genkai fights Yusuke to show him how incompetent he is to fight her when she isn’t even using all of her strength. She asks Yusuke to stop complaining and start working hard on himself.

On the other hand, Kazuma tries to break a stone using a wooden stick on Genkai’s orders. He continues to try without being disappointed and Butan praises his commitment to the training which makes Yusuke jealous. Genkai takes Yusuke inside for more practice.

Kurama meets Hiei and asks him to give the Conjuring Knife to Yusuke. He agrees to help Hiei find the person he was looking for which turns out to be Yakina. Hiei dismisses Kurama’s comments. At the same time, Sakyo uses the pit to try and connect the Underworld with the Human World.

Younger Toguro tells Sakyo that he needs to go the the demon world because he has to do something there. 14 days go by as Yusuke trains with Genkai but he is not able to channel the Spirit Energy within himself. Genkai is disappointed in Yusuke’s performance and tells Butan all about it. Butan conveys the message to Koenma as well.

That night, Yusuke sees Kazuma practising with the wooden stick relentlessly and wonders what is going on in his mind. Kazuma is determined to beat the evil Yokai as well as be more powerful than Yusuke. He ends up using the wooden stick with determination and manages to channel the Spirit Entergy, breaking the rock.

This prompts Yusuke to try harder and he uses the Spirit Energy to stand upside doing on the tip of his index finger. Genkai is impressed with Yusuke and teaches him to shoot the Spirit Gun with his finger at his command. On the other hand, Younger Toguro recognises something and decides to visit Genkai.

Genkai senses Younger Toguro’s arrival and sends Yusuke and Kazuma back to fight the Yokai. She gives Yusuke her most powerful weapon, the Spirit Orb as she bids the boys a farewell. That night, Younger Toguro arrives at Genkai’s shrine and they recall their past romance. Genkai calls Younger Toguro a cheater for becoming a Yokai just to look like his younger self.

Meanwhile, Younger Toguro calls Genkai old and challenges her to a fight. On the other hand, Yusuke has a meal at the ramen restaurant and sees Hiei kidnapping Keiko as soon as he walks out of the door, Botan alerts Kazuma about the kidnapping and the two rush to help Yusuke.

Yusuke fights Hiei with all his might to save Keiko but Kurama stops them. Kurama tells Yusuke that the person who kidnapped Keiko was one of Sakyo’s Yokai who had disguised as Hiei to instigate Yusuke. He also tells Yusuke that Sakyo has kidnapped his fraternal twin sister, Yakina as well.

The trio decide to save the two girls by accepting their invitation to participate in the Dark Tournament Saga, a competition to find the most powerful Yokai group. Kazuma joins the trio and immediately argues with Hiei as they take the boat to Sakyo’s island. The episode ends with Younger Toguro killing Geiko after their fight.

The Episode Review

Every single episode of this show is packed with so much action and information and it makes me wish that the makers had gone with the original 4-season format of the anime. We can see an alliance form between two humans and two Yokais.

While Yusuke and Kazuma are charged with the Spirit Energy of the Spirit World, Kurama and Hiei’s energies come from the Demon World. It will be interesting to see how these two forces from different worlds compete against the evil in the tournament. It is endearing how Hiei is looking for his twin sister.

I am worried that one (or more) out of the two kidnapped girls will end up dead or injured by the end of this season, prompting a cliffhanger that could set season 2 of this one into motion. We will have to watch the final two episodes to see how Yu Yu Hakusho ends.

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