Yungblud – YUNGBLUD | Album Review

Track Listing

The Funeral
Cruel Kids
I Cry 2
Sweet Heroine
Sex Not Violence
Don’t Go
Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today
Die For A Night
The Boy In The Black Dress
The Emperor


It’s not surprising that superstar Yungblud has made waves in the music industry. The enigmatic singer/songwriter has paved the way for the disenchanted travelers who feel the overcast of doubt, and the world weighing heavy on their minds. Hailing from the north of England – which is gritty at the best of times – the musician comes forward with his self-titled album, which delves into memories both good and bad, moments where hopelessness is a burden.

It’s a melancholic record, there’s no doubting that, and Yungblud has scattered his lyrics around like confetti, which lack colour – but not purpose. He’s such a magician with the written word, and while they’re dark, they’re valid and relevant. The words reflect the musician’s drug use, his past and his present pain.

Yungblud is hurting, and he’s letting us know, through a record which broadens his talents. From the beginning the gloves are off, and the sadness ripples and attacks, but it doesn’t impair the record’s fluency. While the darkness does impose; it doesn’t kill the vibes.

‘The Funeral’ starts this LP off. It’s a dark monologue, and Yungblud describes his date with death. It’s a powerful track, and rather provocative too. ‘I Cry 2’ is a sombre push for redemption by comparison, and the instrumentals flow well. It’s another assessment of a broken mind.

‘Don’t Go’ switches things up with an acoustic song which highlights love and its two faces.

Yungblud excels here and his vocals are decisive and clear, readying for battle. He’s put his all into this dark project and as a result, proves that the world can be his oyster, as he has the talent to pave more lanes.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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