Yungatita – Shoelace & A Knot | Album Review

Track Listing

2 Cigs 
Pick At Your Face
Crack Of Your Jaw 
Pack It Up 


Yungatita is a band with a lot to say. Their punk ideals are rooted, while the music flutters and the rhythms intertwine with moody vocals. On their collection Shoelace & A Knot, the act demonstrates a musicality that is raw and pleasing, featuring lyrics that are brooding but hit on impact.  

It’s hard to put a finger on their sound, as there’s so much going on. From the delivery of grunge elements and rock influences, it changes shape at all times, and that’s actually a good thing. So many bands lack the ingenuity and play it safe, adhering to a template that has been done to death, but Yungatita doesn’t fit in this box.  

Punk thrills ensue, and the band clearly know their music has the chance of changing perceptions. Bit by bit, the outfit is becoming this fiery collective, ready to take on the harshness of an industry feeling the pinch.  

There are 10 songs on this record, each one confirming the band is playing on the right track. ‘Reckless’ conveys a story about murder, the doting lover who loses it all. Those empowering guitar strokes and riffs increase the appeal, and it’s a punk song on overdrive.  

‘2 Cigs’ embraces a softer intro, though it smashes into a breakneck chorus. The vocals are moody as always, but there’s a hotbed for the simple riff that enters the head like a loop.  

‘Whiplash’ opens with grungy notes and plays on punk rock. Again, the vocals are well-placed and brooding, offering different tones. The track escapes repetitiveness as there’s so much musical muscle involved.  

Yungatita has emerged victorious with this collection of songs, which are diverse and original.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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