Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 14 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Writing An Ending

Episode 14 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 starts with her despairing over the number of malicious comments regarding her novel. Yumi is worried that there are way too many now, as it would appear Woong has stopped writing his encouraging notes.

Does Yumi thwart her writer’s block?

As for Yumi, she’s struggling with getting an ending nailed down for her book. The real incident though occurs the night before Yi-Da’s wedding. Yumi loses her laptop.

Despite frantically looking for it, she’s unable to find it – meaning there’s no way she can submit her manuscript. And as a result, Writer Cell abandons her Prime Cell position and runs away. That decision comes back to haunt Yumi, especially as some of the other writers and editors are at the wedding. As for Yi-Da-s groom? Well, it’s none other than Ahn Dae-Young!

What happens with Bobby?

Bobby isn’t at the wedding either, given he has an overseas trip. In fact, he’s been assigned to the branch in Singapore. However, on the way he’s stopped by a call from the coffee shop. They’ve found Yumi’s laptop!

He’s not able to make it because of the traffic so instead, he leaves her laptop in a locker at the airport and reminds her that despite them breaking up, he’s still rooting for writer Yumi.

At the airport, the pair run into one another and chat. There, Yumi admits she doesn’t have a boyfriend, with a big smile crossing Bobby’s face. As for Yumi’s ex? Well apparently he’s seeing someone. The truth is, he’s not. He’s still single and not dating, as we find out when he reveals this on the plane.

As for Yumi, Love Cell doesn’t return and despite there being several different occasions where Love could have shown up, she doesn’t. Instead, Yumi’s Fat Cells decide to move right in. Unfortunately, Yumi has writer’s block too and she’s been putting off writing an ending to her book… until Christmas Eve.

Ruby decides they should meet and have a big party, but her words give our writer some big inspiration, encouraging Yumi to finish her manuscript.

How does Yumi react to Bobby?

Yumi is shocked when Woong gets her a new laptop. He’s stubborn and refuses to take it back so Yumi shows up at his office to personally hand it over. Funnily enough, on the desk happens to be all the names of those readers who commented on her novel. Yumi suddenly realizes that he never missed a single upload.

Woong comes bounding in, tripping over, and eventually succumbs to Yumi’s wishes. She agrees to have dinner with him as she’s thankful but not right now. For now, she has her big party, and the gang join together to celebrate.

How does Yumi’s Cells Season 2 end?

After, Yumi struggles to fall asleep. A beaten Love Cell is back after a year’s absence. But why? Is it Woong? Bobby? Or someone new? Whoever it is, it seems Yumi is on the way to being happier again.

The next day, an unknown contact messages Yumi making sure she gets home safely. And their name? Sin Sun Rok.

The Episode Review

So Yumi’s Cells bows out with a conclusive final chapter that sees closure for both Bobby and Woong, while also teasing the potential of these plotlines being carried over to a third season as well.

The idea of Yumi deciding to go it alone and try to find happiness by herself is a great message and something that’s reflective of life too. After all, if you’re not happy with yourself then it’s unlikely you’ll find happiness with someone else.

The idea that love just finds you when you’re least expecting it appears to be something Yumi’s Cells is leaning into, and there’s definitely potential for season 3 to explore that further through Sun-Rok, whom I believe is a part of the webtoon.

Either way though, Yumi’s Cells has been a turbulent ride in this follow-up season but these last few episodes have been pretty good. It’s not perfect, and those shipping Yumi and Bobby or Yumi and Woong will undoubtedly be disappointed. For everyone else though, there’s certainly potential here for Yumi to move into a new chapter of her life and continue this entertaining K-drama.

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14 thoughts on “Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 14 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Watched season 1 and only read recap of season 2. I have no intention of watching season 2, because I think that season 1 ended ubruptly without exploring Woong’s feelings and emotions thoughrouly. I think they could of workout their relationship if they only sear down for honest conversation. So sorry that webtoon author didn’t choose that way of working the storyline out

  2. I couldn’t hate Ba Bi but a perfect boyfriend turned out to be the worst disappointment. Yumi was mature enough to not ask him to stay away from Da Eun. Who would accept a man whose heart wavers at another woman when his gf is away? In fact, Ba Bi is 30 something. He should have been sensible enough to draw a line with Da Eun.

  3. Stopped watching after Episode 9 when I was reminded of a line from “The Philadelphia Story:”
    “You’ll never be a first-class human being or a first class woman until you’ve learned to have some regard for human frailty.” Appalled at Yumi’s cold-hearted rejection of Ba Bi after the patience and consideration he showed her. The writers gave me some hope that she had matured earlier in the episode, then dashed it to bits with the break-up scene. I realize a break-up is inevitable because of the original storyline, but this was just cruel. I had begun to dislike Yumi earlier in the season, and this sealed it.

  4. I didn’t like series 2 after she left Babi – will stop here it is getting frustrating – don’t want series 3!!

  5. I read the webtoon from the start and watching the series was so fun lol it’s funny I wasn’t a big fan of Babi in the comic but in the show he’s such a sweet, cute, and charming person.. woong will always hold a special place in my heart I really wanted him with yumi but I’m so happy they’re still friends the last guy felt a bit rushed to me in the story but he’s super cute and relatable so it’s fine lol

  6. 1. Read webtoon. She ends up married to the guy who asks if she made it home safely Shin Soon Rok. The production company better find one of the best actors to play the role.
    2. We have to lobby for the third season since season 2 has exhausted the production company. They haven’t decided. Kdramaland is crazy that A Season three for this isn’t greelighted but that mess called Love featuring marriage and divorce got three seasons…on Netflix no less .

  7. I have loved both seasons of Yumi Cells as they have mostly kept to the web toon storyline. She wasn’t going to end up with Babi or Woong. I haven’t read all of the webtoon but only the main parts to do with the love interests. I thought the ending in Yumi Cells 2 with Babi at the airport was good as they ended their relationship on good terms as she did with Woong in the end and they became friends. I hope we get to see Season 3 soon and am so looking forward to who will portray Shin Soon-Rok

  8. How can a selfish and childish Yumi be a heroin? The writer gave her many cells except the generous and kind cell. That explained why she could end the relationship easily. Has she ever felt guilty that she hurted Woong, Baby and most of all the innocent father of Baby. When the story is writer, the writer is the only one who creates Yumi . The writer can be subjective. But for viewers, the film production should be subjective and objective to avoid of poor main character!

  9. I don’t mind that she did not end up with BaBi, but I did not like the way the show handled it. They contradicted themselves and had her appear jealous and panicked at his house when she thought that Dae Un was there and even worried that he might regret their reconciliation – but then just a short while later she ends it by saying she felt no jealousy so that’s how she knew she didn’t love him? Same with BaBi. We saw him be able to calmly interact and draw the line with Dae Un after he and Yumi’s breakup but then he hesitates to delete her contact after she drunk dials him? I am not sure if those scenes are included in the web toon as I have not read it, but they seem to be red herrings that the writers threw in to try and “trick” audiences so they could put in a twist, but it went against the character’s narrative, which is why it felt more like a betrayal for many and created a lot of anger, particularly toward the character of Yumi. People chalk it up to “well, people are flawed and make mistakes and it’s just like real life” – except it’s not. It’s a story, and good storytelling has its rules too. If they weren’t going to let BaBi be the end game, they should have ended it at the first breakup or not have the crying/jealous/regret/proposal acceptance debacle which is what messed things up story-wise. On a random note, I detest that BaBi does, in fact, end up marrying Dae Un.

  10. Loved Babi! The reason for the breakup was rather flimsy. Disappointed with the ending.
    Babi proposed marriage and was kind, sweet, and faithful to the very end. Breakup didn’t make sense at all!

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