Yumi’s Cells Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Goodbye, Dear Woong

Episode 14 of Yumi’s Cells begins this finale with Woong agreeing that they should spend some time apart. In doing so, Emotion Cell takes over Cell Land, singing karaoke and watching home videos of Yumi’s time with Woong.

The next day, Yu-Mi throws herself into her work. She tries to forget everything but although the day goes well, after she realizes she doesn’t have anyone to see. She’s stuck in a rut and Bobby senses it. He knows that it’s hard being alone, given he was recently dumped by his girlfriend, and figured out Yu-Mi was going through something similar after spying a picture of Woong ripped down from her desk.

Remember the ring Bobby discarded at work? Well, apparently he regretted his choice and later on decided to try and get it back. Only, it was gone. He knows what it’s like to miss someone and appears to be struggling too. He encourages Yu-Mi to head out for a run with him, given exercise is great for mental health.

As Bobby runs down the seafront, Yu-Mi decides to touch base and recharge. Specifically, she chooses to head back home and see her parents. It’s a great way to gain some perspective and get back into the right headspace. Although, she ends up eating a ridiculous amount of food. As we all know though, the stomach is divided into different sections and despite being full, there’s ALWAYS room for dessert!

Yu-Mi’s heart isn’t full though. She wants a happy ending with Woong but right now that doesn’t seem likely. However, the next day at work Woong messages and asks how Yu-Mi is doing. They exchange texts and even agree to see each other later on. However, Yu-Mi contemplates whether to use the Break Up card for real this time.

At the office, poor Ruby finds her heart shattered when Ugi tells her he has no interest in a relationship. Unfortunately this results in her turning from bubbly and outgoing to heartbroken. She isn’t sure if she’ll ever be the same again, contemplating whether she’ll even find her life partner.

Remember the game before about Bobby liking someone with U in their name? Well, Yu-Mi believes it could be Ruby (it’s definitely not though) and thinks about setting Bobby up on a blind date. He immediately shoots down that idea though.

How does Yumi’s Cells season 1 end?

As the episode comes to a close, the big meeting between Woong and Yu-Mi goes ahead. Woong has thought it through and he decides to break things off – for real this time. Yu-Mi is thrown off her game but eventually places her break-up card down on the table too. The relationship is over. After 1 year and 1 month of dating, Yu-Mi’s third official relationship comes to an end.

The Episode Review

All good things come to an end and it appears that much is especially true when it comes to Woong and Yu-Mi. Their relationship had soured over the weeks and perhaps it was inevitable things would end this way.

Even so though, Yu-Mi and Woong find themselves pulled in different directions and that certainly poses an interesting dilemma for season 2. It would seem like we’re gearing up for Bobby and Yu-Mi to start their romance but there’s also a danger that this could spill into rebound territory and end badly.

Having not read the webtoon I can’t comment on future events but there’s definitely enough here to warrant a second season. I’m glad this one was renewed and the ending definitely hints that there’s plenty more drama in the offing for us.

Either way, Yumi’s Cells bows out with a poignant final chapter, one with a sad conclusion but also tinges of hope too, with the promise that Yu-Mi will come out of this stronger and finally find her leading man.

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