Yumi’s Cells – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Wedding Bells

Episode 7 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Yu-Mi dreaming about Gu-Woong. The pair are still getting along well, with Yu-Mi even whipping up a lunchbox for him. The presentation is pretty impressive too, with Chef Cell teaming up with the new “Seen it Somewhere” Cell to deliver the perfect touches. When Gu-Woong finally tries it, he’s blown away by the taste.

Yu-Mi heads over to the studio to see Gu-Woong later that day, but Sae-Yi continues to get involved and butt in. Well, Yu-Mi gets her own back and whispers “I’m whispering” to Woong in a way that makes it seem like they’re saying something private. It has the perfect effect too, with Sae-Yi curious and driven crazy, wondering just what they were talking about.

That evening, Gu-Woong and Yu-Mi head to the cinema together, watching a movie. The wormhole shows up in Cell Land while they do, just like before. This encourages Love Cell to slip through and visit Woong’s village. Specifically, she heads into a special tower that holds all of Gu-Woong’s secrets. Specifically, Love Cell finds a list of important people in Woong’s life. Sae-Yi is in at number 12 while Yu-Mi is number 2. And that person at number 1? Woong himself.

Love Cell heads out the tower and descends over to the water, where she finds a Marriage Desire box hidden and out of view.

Yi-Mi’s friend, Na-Ri, is due to get married but there’s a problem. All of her friends deny that Gu-Woong even exists, especially with no pictures of Yu-Mi and Woong together – not even from their trip away together. Although, if Lust Cell’s big grin has anything to say about it, they didn’t really leave the room much!

A flustered Yu-Mi rings Woong after though and asks him to show up at the wedding -it’s imperative that he be there.

However, Yui-Mi heads outside and runs into Ji-Ugi, her ex. She tries to play it cool, eventually acting prickly and telling him not to call. Unfortunately, when he tells her she’s pretty, it unsettles Yu-Mi and rocks the boat a bit. And that’s only made worse when Na-Ri rings and confirms that Ji-Ugi is also going to be at her wedding too.

At the wedding Yu-mi arrives on her own, with Woong claiming he’ll show up later. He’s stuck on some difficult coding and given he hasn’t slept all night either, Yu-Mi is worried he’ll show up a complete mess.

Ji-Ugi calls Yu-Mi outside with big news. Alone, he reveals that he’s getting married soon, completely shutting down Yu-Mi’s defences. In Cell Land, all the different cells drop their bombs, as Yu-Mi takes it hard and struggles to hold back tears. Instead, she lies and claims that she and Woong will be getting married soon too.

Only… Woong happens to be standing just behind them. Thankfully he sticks up for Yu-Mi though and backs up her story, confirming that they’re definitely getting married.

The Episode Review

Yumi’s Cells returns his week with another really good episode, this time depicting the trials and tribulations of Na-Ri’s wedding and Yu-Mi making sure she’s fully over her ex. Of course, communication plays a big part here and the second-hand embarrassment felt when Yu-Mi boasted that she and Woong would be getting married is pretty big.

However, Woong manages to stick up for Yu-Mi and has her back so we’ll have to wait and see if that has any bearing on the story later on down the line.

For now, Yumi’s Cells continues to deliver enjoyable drama, with plenty of laughs thrown in along the way. This delightful little blend of romance and comedy has been great to watch so far and we’ll have to wait and see what this one has in store for us next.

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