Yumi’s Cells – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review


Episode 12 of Yumi’s Cells picks up with Woong’s Cell Land in overdrive. Love Cell is fast asleep but Reason shows up probing whether they should accept Yu-Mi’s marriage proposal or not. Well, part of this mission involves picking up the marriage box buried deep underwater.

As the Cells band together, Marriage Proposal Cell is thwarted by two sharks that seem to personify Woong’s doubt and instability. They bring up his financial situation but all this deliberation answers Yu-Mi’s question – the silence is a deafening “no”.

Woong eventually gets the bus home but when he leaves, Yu-Mi’s bright smile disappears. She’s clearly disappointed by his choice. This is only compounded further by overhearing Bobby’s girlfriend, bringing Bobby into the nearby café she’s currently at to break up with him.

Given how bright Bobby’s smile is upon arrival, Yu-Mi is in panic mode. She realizes this is going to break his heart. She’s pretty ruthless too and is forthright with him, breaking up there and then.

Yu-Mi feels bad for her colleague, something that extends across to the next day when Yu-Mi shows up at the marketing department ready to work. With Woong’s fancy new keyboard for her, Bobby greets Yu-Mi but she immediately notices his ring missing.

Now, given Yu-Mi picked his ring up at the café the previous night, she’s a little flustered as she hands it back over to him. After some deliberation, Bobby throws it in the bin.

Yu-Mi soon settles in to her role but one of her coworkers continues to bring up the fact she was recommended by Bobby. Still, she keeps her cool and it doesn’t take long before she heads out for dinner with Woong, Ugi… and Ruby. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Bobby is invited along for the ride too. In the backseat, the trio get acquainted but Woong had other plans for the evening and this has certainly thrown a spanner in the works.

Woong wanted to wrap up these drinks and head home at 10pm, intending to make Yu-Mi feel better after the awkward encounter back home. It’s not very subtle but they do eventually agree to leave after their glass. And after downing the last bit… Ruby understands what they’re doing and decides to open another glass of wine.

Ruby is a crafty little minx, intentionally making sure all glasses are overfilled so that hers is empty. Guess they’ll have to open another bottle!

Of course, this ultimately leads to Woong getting drunk and passing out. When he regains consciousness, he’s still out of it and begins to worry that Bobby and Yu-Mi’s behaviour is growing suspicious and flirtatious. The final straw is Bobby giving Yu-Mi his jacket.

When Woong finally wakes up, he finds himself in Yu-Mi’s bed with a nasty hangover. The events from the previous evening look like they’re going badly when we flash back… until Woong takes off his own jacket and gives it to Bobby like a gentleman. It’s a really kind thing to do and something that immediately subverts expectations, especially as it looked like he was going to lash out.

The next day, Bobby and Woong both exchange their jackets in a pretty charming move outside. The trouble is, Woong still feels threatened by the suave gentleman, believing it could lead to some romance with Yu-Mi in the future.

At work, Yu-Mi learns that during a game of truth or dare earlier at work, Bobby admitted that he liked someone with the letter “U” in their name. And since Yu-Mi has a U, she immediately suspects it could be her. Or…could it be Ruby?

While they all gossip, Bobby shows up and their meeting goes ahead as scheduled. After, Yu-Mi oversees Ruby and Bobby being cute and flirtatious together, seemingly reinforcing her thoughts that it’s Ruby he likes. The thing is, it’s definitely not.

Bobby rules out in private that his crush has the letter B in their name. Is this revving up for the reveal that this is actually Yu-Mi?

That evening, Woong waits for Yu-Mi as she gets off the bus, but she does so with Bobby. Woong continues to doubt what’s happening and comes to a bold decision as they walk together. He’s going to move out of Yu-Mi’s place. Woong refuses to give her a reason and walks away sadly, leaving Yu-Mi dumbfounded and confused.

The Episode Review

Yumi’s Cells returns with another good episode, this time turning the attention toward Bobby growing closer to Yu-Mi. Given how much time the pair are going to be spending together in the Marketing Department, Woong is getting jealous and self-conscious. Of course, we know there’s nothing for him to worry about but he clearly feels threatened.

The incident with the jacket at the bar is a really nice way to subvert expectations though, despite it leading to a big misunderstanding.

Speaking of which, Woong decides the best way to work through his emotions is to move out, which is a pretty weird way of actually handling this situation. Still, the drama continues and it appears we’re far from finished when it comes to Woong and Yu-Mi’s continued will they/won’t they happy ending.

With a second season already confirmed, the ending leaves things wide open for where the final week may go with this story.

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  1. If the drama continues this way (fairly true to the webtoon) Yumi and Woong are not going to have a happy ending.

    Bobby is yumi’s second boyfriend

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