Yumi’s Cells – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Woong’s Training Cell getting used to asking “What’s wrong?” This has been passed down from generation to generation, preparing Woong for a major crisis. And that crisis comes from him being forced to sell his house. Despite not having any money, Woong refuses to sell the game.

Packing up his things at home and leaving is difficult, especially given how many memories he shares with Yu-Mi. So instead, Woong grabs his sleeping bag and settles in to sleep at his office. Only, through all of this he hasn’t told Yu-Mi the truth about his living arrangements. And it’s been a month since he sold his house too.

Although Woong passes it off as a temporary thing, Yu-Mi is not happy when she finds out. Given he hasn’t considered her once and is going through a major crisis, it seems it’s time for Traditional Cell to jump in and get involved. “Yu-Mi…what’s wrong?”

It works perfectly, with the pair opening up together and admitting how they feel. Woong goes on to mention his job and how difficult this has been. He knew this was going to be a hard transition though and remains positive, pointing out he’s not bankrupt. Yu-Mi does flirt the idea of them living together but even her own Cells aren’t sure this is a good idea. Eventually though, Yu-Mi convinces him to stay at hers.

This is obviously a big change, with Yu-Mi deciding she’s going to strive to be pat of the marketing team now. The attention – at least for the time being – turns to Woong. He loves tidying, he’s good at keeping organized and even wakes up Yu-Mi so she’s not late for work.

Things go swimmingly between them, although Yu-Mi’s nonchalance toward cleaning – including throwing clothes under the bed and a cracker packet in the bookshelf – are amusing tidbits that show the differences between her and Woong’s lifestyle.

Yu-Mi’s move to marketing soon comes into focus as it’s met with great news – she’s getting a raise! However, it doesn’t stop Woong choosing to split their grocery bill into three months.

Yu-Mi continues to think about the idea of marriage between them. When it comes to asking Woong though, she chickens out at the last second. Instead, with Woong’s birthday coming up she decides to make him a really beautiful meal but plays it off as a big surprise, telling him she’s out with friends.

Sometimes the best laid plans suck and Yu-Mi messes up her chance to wish Woong a happy birthday. When he sees the place is empty, he leaves. However, Woong actually returns with a gift which happens to be a brand new keyboard for her first day. He’s forgotten his own birthday in the process but Yu-Mi convinces him to come back. As they sit together and share the food Yu-Mi has made, she plucks up the courage and asks him if he wants to get married.

The Episode Review

Yu-Mi’s Cells continues to deliver enjoyable and relatable drama as Yu-Mi finds herself conflicted over her own feelings and wondering what to do regarding Woong. So naturally she eventually plucks up the courage to ask his hand in marriage.

The preview for tomorrow’s episode does look like it’s going to throw a spanner in the works though, hinting that we’ve got a love triangle brewing with Bobby. We did say a few weeks back that this could be the case and alas, it looks like we’ve got some last minute drama on the horizon.

However, with the show already renewed for season 2, this isn’t the last we’re seeing of Yu-Mi and Woong, which is great news. Either way, the ending leaves things on a big cliffhanger – will Woong say yes to the marriage proposal?

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