You Win Again Gravity – Into The Dancing Blue | Album Review

Track Listing

Curious Fake 
Paper Bodies 
Character Arc 
Lights To Leave Behind 
Every Scar A Brushstroke 
The Dancing Blue 


This is a sonic masterclass by a band that doesn’t force their sound but refines the melody on their album Into The Dancing Blue. The lyrics perfectly resonate, which should prompt many to immerse themselves into the words.

The record generates such an emotional connection too, breaking the norm and featuring such massive choruses, astounding vocal work, and the right amount of style.

The band takes the melody up a notch, crafting songs that merge together and interweave to create a guitar-driven, but almost angelic sound worthy of being praised. The lyrics point to pain and withdrawn happiness, putting the band into a circle of regret and despair. They can’t trap the agony. It’s like a moth attracted to the light; a beam so bright it blinds.

Musically, You Win Again Gravity engages with style. They represent a diverse output, holding onto their music with a stern grip, enforcing some hope, though that seems to be subsiding every minute of every day.

There are 11 songs on this record. ‘Suppression’ is a clear winner, crafted with eager hands and guitar parts that are technical and exciting. The vocals explain the downward spiral and the emptiness. That chorus bursts with intensity.

‘Lights To Leave Behind’ opens sonically and the band does well to get their point across through screams and lyrics that convey a craving for a fresh start.

‘Every Scar A Brushstroke’ starts with screams, rousing vocal work, and fast-paced guitar riffs. The pain is real, cutting in and out, pulsing like a rapid heartbeat.

You Win Again Gravity is triumphant here with a record that connects well-rounded melodies with sheer melancholy and rip-roaring agony.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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