Youth Fountain – Together In Lonesome | Album Review

Track Listing

What Tomorrow Brings
Fallen Short 
Identical Days 
Twin Flames 
Roses In My Backpack 
A Few Notes For Orpheus 
Breakneck Pace 
Together In Lonesome 


Youth Fountain aka Tyler Zanon delivers yet again with a full-length of emo bangers. Though he’s hurting badly and feeling bad, his lyrics reflect the truth and broken youth. The musician is supremely talented, there’s no doubting that, and on Together In Lonesome, the artist provides an insight into his life and imperfect resolutions as he cries for hope and breaks down due to stinging emotion.  

Perfect for the sad, these songs portray times when a man feels worthless and despondent, stuck in a loop of mundanity, targeting a deep dive into death’s grip. Zanon sings about these feelings, and he can’t withstand the pain or the world. The world is a deathtrap when you let it eat you up, and when you let it control, you know you’re subsiding down a slope, where the rats roam and the gutter will hold your beaten body.  

The music isn’t gracious or pretty, but it is solid and convincing, and Zanon sings with those meaty, emo-tinged guitar lines holding up. They’re not structured with real technicalities, though they direct that perfect emo sound. Zanon has also imprinted these lyrics, struck with sorrow, and they’re his deepest yet.  

‘Requiem’ starts with pounding percussion and Zanon sings eagerly, pushing his voice and sticking by the abrasive guitar strokes. He depicts broken love and splintered hope, rallying for a clean break. It’s a good, honest song. 

‘Identical Days’ opens with brash guitar work, and Zanon bellows about wasted cries and wasted time. The chorus bursts intensely, featuring loud moments.  

‘Patterns’ is an acoustic song, stripped back and beautiful. Zanon sings elegantly, signifying his regrets, and he doesn’t hold back at any moment. He doesn’t feel in sync with anything or anyone.  

Tyler Zanon gives his all here. His music may be for the disenfranchised and the voiceless, but it still caters to the casual listener.   

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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