Your Honor – Season 2 Episode 9 “Part Nineteen” Recap & Review

Part Nineteen

It is the day of Eugene’s court trial as episode 9 of Your Honor season 2 begins. Elizabeth and Fia go together while Michael opts to stay out, focused on his mission to get Jimmy for Olivia. Lee braces herself to attempt to win an almost unwinnable trial. Charlie is also present there. Carmine and Gina go together but Jimmy isn’t there. Gina says to Carmine that Jimmy is no longer a part or head of their family. Michael goes to Jimmy’s office and he offers the former judge a ride. Carlo drives the two as they bond over baby Rocco. Jimmy almost sees the messages Michael exchanges with Olivia about the plan to bring him down.

Little Mo rejects Chris’ plans to join the uprising against Monique. He warns Chris and his rebels will go down to the ground if they try. Jimmy and Michael have a heart-to-heart at the construction site for Jimmy Baxter District. They have mutual respect for not filling Fia with hatred against each other. Unwittingly, they protected each other by protecting Fia. The Prosecutor presents his case and says that it is a clear case of murder. Eugene’s brother, Kofi, was killed by Carlo and he wanted to avenge Kofi’s death. That is why he came to the party but accidentally shot Adam. Lee mentions in her opening argument about the State’s desperation and confusion to indict Eugene.

First, they declared that he was dead. Then when it suited them, they were caught trying to kill him in the middle of the city. And now, they are charging him with murder. All the witnesses in the case have a motive against Eugene. If he disappears, so do their problems. Eugene has posed his faith in the jury. It is great lawyering work as Lee has attacked the credibility of the witnesses and evidence for the jury. Jimmy says baby Rocco’s arrival brought hope for a fresh start – a second chance – for his business and family. He asks Michael to oversee the construction – completely legitimate – of the new district. Michael is stumped.

Gina testifies against Eugene. During the cross, Lee logically destroys her testimony. Gina claims to have seen Eugene and him raising the gun pointing toward Carlo. Lee corners Gina over Carlo’s presence in the Orleans Parish Prison and questions the dubious circumstances under which he got transferred to Kofi’s cell, despite beating a man to permanent disability. Lee says if Gina saw Eugene, and being the committed mother she is, why didn’t she jump in front of the gun? It is because she did not and she is lying.

Jarek feels he will lose the case and requests the judge to call Michael as a witness. Lee objects and they discuss it in the judge’s chambers. The judge asks them to submit memos and then he will rule on the motion. Michael says since the Calabri family is involved in the District, he cannot be a part of it. Himmy defends himself and says they only provided the capital and do not represent the Baxter name. Michael makes a rhetorical statement about our struggle to see who we are and distinguish it from what we want to be.

The true test of family is perhaps sacrifice and not loyalty. If Michael would have let Jimmy kill him at the Mariana, Adam would have been alive. Michael rides home with Carlo after rejecting Jimmy’s offer. Quite cleverly, the old horse manipulates the amateur young blood and extracts information that the Calabris are smuggling their drugs within containers and Baxters plead ignorance. Roderick comes to deal with Chris and his rebels but it turns out Little Mo betrayed him and Monique walks out from behind the containers.

“Blood is blood,” says Little Mo and he would never betray his auntie. He is not able to shoot Chris but Monique does, bringing an end to the uprising. Even if she were to leave Desire one day, it would be by her own will. Fia storms into Jimmy’s room and makes it clear that if he doesn’t tell her the truth at that moment, he will never see Fia again. Jimmy agrees. Fia asks about the nature of his dealings. But she is not interested in the question of Jimmy getting the Jones family killed.

Jimmy pleads his innocence and calls it a gas leak. Fia tells him that he is under investigation, that she met with an AUSA, and he should stop his business with the Calabris. Janelle breaks up for good with Monique, saying she cannot be with her because they are poison together. Olivia drops Michael but gets a call from Charlie that Jimmy has backed out of the deal because he “couldn’t arrange the money,” meaning he has stopped the business with Calabris. Lee comes to Michael’s house and asks Michel to lie on stand for Eugene but he rejects her offer. It remains to be seen what he does.

The Episode Review

Quite undramatically, everything we have built towards until now in season 2 of Your Honour was finished in a moment by Jimmy. His decision to listen to Fia makes sure that Olivia will not be able to convict him. Michael’s involvement with Kofi’s case means he cannot be on the stand and perjure himself. So, what will the finale offer us? Probably not much.

In many aspects, like Janelle and Monique and the question mark over Desire, this episode felt like the finale. Charlie has been completely side-lined, Nancy has no role to play now, and Olivia too seems to have taken a backseat. The only positives in this episode were Lee’s thunderous arguments in court and Jimmy and Michael’s insightful conversation.

Other than that, Your Honour seems to be coming to an unexciting end, which is a huge disappointment.

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