Your Honor – Season 2 Episode 8 “Part Eighteen” Recap & Review

Part Eighteen

Michael has taken in Fia and baby Rocco as episode 8 of Your Honor season 2 starts. She has a big test on the day but is worried about her personal life. It is in turmoil and all her planning to date has been spoilt. Michael tries to reassure her and says that most of the plans he made for himself were incomplete as well. He calls them both “a blessing” in his life.

After Fia leaves, Olivia walks in through the backdoor. Michael is emboldened in turning her down and says he does not want to do anything more for her. She asks Michael to flip Fia to spy on the Baxters but he refuses.

Monique’s newly acquired club, Dezi Boule, is opening for the public that day as well. Monique is almost run over by Gina, who has a moment of panic and reckoning when she sees Monique’s men and new club. Eugene has been placed in parish prison and awaits trial. He is in there for shooting Adam at the party at the end of season 1. Lee communicates that she will soon be meeting with the prosecutor, Jarek, to strike a deal. When she meets him, Jarek dismisses her request for negotiation. He is confident the State will win if it goes to trial and offers nothing less than 30 years in prison as a deal, which Lee scoffs at.

The only way he can consider lowering the deal terms is if he can get dirt on Desire from Eugene. Jarek believes him to be a member of Monique’s gang. Lee fears for his safety but Jarek promises a long-term facility for his security. Jimmy tries to get Carlo on his side in the marital wars. Carlo admires Jimmy as he is. Jimmy is impressed when Carlo shows him the updated security systems at their hotels. Gina reports the new club opening and Jimmy triples the security for the night. He puts Carlo in charge of everything as a reward for his interest in the business.

Desire’s product that they took from Roderick has been completely sold and Russ is going to hand over the proceeds to Roderick to settle the dues. We see Monique has picked out a ring and will ask Janelle to marry her. She asks Chris, whose son died due to the drugs in the last episode, to stay at Buffa’s, their central club, while Russ and the others come with her to the new club. Michael transfers the college fund he started for Adam to Fia. Eugene is sceptical about the offer that Lee has brought her and she too panics. He knows if Monique finds out he snitched, they will find a way to kill Eugene.

Gina runs into Donetta from the grief meeting. Although she was quite rude the last time, Gina apologizes to her and Donetta accepts it. She mentions her problem with Jimmy and Carlo to Donetta. Quite interestingly, Gina’s effort to divorce Jimmy is emboldened when Donetta says “you can never have more children but you can have another husband.” Chris sees a balloon outside the club that another teen dropped and he is determined to bring ruin to Monique. Lee talks to Jarek and threatens to splurge the secrets of Michael and how he fixed a trial.

If that information were to get out, every case he ever decided would be liable to appeal. As the opening time comes close, Jimmy reminds Carlo that the “security is for protection, not instigation”. Monique promises to spend time with Janelle after the night gets over. Gina does precisely the opposite of what Jimmy told Carlo not to do. She takes a new bottle and heads over to the club. There is almost a scene when the bouncer pushes Gina and Carlo intervenes but Russ saves the day and takes her to Monique.

The meeting is cold and it seems clear that Monique and Gina are up against each other. They are both feisty women who will not give up. Jenelle lights up the new club while Chris does it to Buffa’s. He robs the place and turns it upside down. Monique is informed and quickly realises it is Chris seeing the balloon in her engagement ring box in the safe. Olivia meets with Fia alone and tries to convince her to spy on her family. Fia is completely against it but when Olivia shows her photos of Kofi’s house being burned down and the Jones family being killed by Jimmy, Fia is shaken. She might have a change of heart but before she can commit, Michael walks in.

Olivia pretends not to know him and leaves. Fia is confused and asks Michael what to do. He advises her to stay away and gives her the college fund. He says Fia should move far away from that place and start a new life with baby Rocco. The next day, Gina announces her intention to Jimmy for separation. The night Rocco died, she knew their marriage was over. Jimmy tries to dissuade her but Gina is not listening. She squarely blames Jimmy for Rocco’s death. Lee announces the news to Eugene that he might be able to get out in three years if Jarek takes her offer. But Eugene is not comfortable with pleading guilty and not telling his side of the story. Je rejects the deal.

Michael meets with Olivia and says she should stop Fia’s pursuit. Olivia is bent on her stance and wants to get the Baxters any which way. Michael promises to get Jimmy for Olivia if she leaves Fia and Rocco alone.

The Episode Review

It seems like Your Honor is coming to a predictable end. Given how the story was set up in the first two episodes, it always seemed like a zero-sum game for many. The most glaring absence from this episode was Charlie, who cannot be expected to not do anything to convince his best friend that he did not kill his wife. But we did not see Charlie at all in episode 8, which was a disappointment.

Gina’s announcement to Jimmy was the only interesting thing. The Baxters are weaker divided, even with their frail relationships. It makes them easy targets and now, Michael has decided to put him in the line of fire. We cannot quite call it yet, given this twist, but things do not look to be ending well for anyone.

Chris and Little Mo will come at Monique hard given her neglect and their urge to form a new group. Eugene’s trial is not expected to yield a positive outcome either, ensuring there is negativity all around as we enter the final episodes of Your Honor.

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  1. Didn’t he buy the motorcycle? I thought Gina didn’t want him to have one, but Jimmy bought it for Rocco’s birthdqy

  2. Hey. Thanks for commenting. I feel she said it as more of a sleight to Jimmy’s lack of masculine energy in providing for and protecting his family than anything more. It has been a theme since episode 1. And ever since we saw Carmine in flesh and how he conducted business, it is clear how Gina expected to see Carmine’s image in Jimmy but couldn’t.

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