Your Honor – Season 2 Episode 7 “Part Seventeen” Recap and Review

Part Seventeen

Eugene is still alive, contrary to what seemed to be his end in the last episode. He has run away from the scene and has gone to knock at the door of Lee Delamere, the laser who took on Kofi’s case at Michael’s insistence. He asks for help but prevents Lee from taking him to the hospital. He fears for his life if they go there.

Lee calls her friend Tanya, who is an Ob-Gyn and not readily capable to deal with the crisis. As fate would have it, Michael is stopped for speeding. He is driving Elizabeth’s car and his license has expired. The officer who picks him up is Walter Beckwith, the person who murdered his wife Robyn.

Beckwith arrests Michael for violation of his parole and takes him to Michael’s parole officer. But really, he is going to dispose of him as he knows Michael knows the truth about Robyn’s murder. Jimmy and Gina pick up Carlo, who is severely hurt due to the collision he had with Russ and Eugene’s car. Gina is shocked to know that Frankie, Jimmy’s right-hand man, is no longer working for the family. He was fired after Jimmy beat him up in the last episode for taking the side of Carmine. The trio is going to check in on Fia at the hotel.

Rudy Cunningham, the officer who shot Eugene, checks with the control room if the body has been found. He is pissed and frankly scared when he learns Eugene has managed to escape. Lee says to Eugene that she wanted to help him the night before he disappeared but she couldn’t reach him. Monique drinks alone in the bar. Russ comes in to report Eugene’s incident but Monique is more concerned about the damage the new product has done to one of their own. Chris, one of the men who works for Monique, lost his 13-year-old son Terrance due to the drugs in the Desire locality.

They go to visit Chris’ house and Monique offers her condolences. But his family doesn’t appreciate her presence. When Jimmy and the others reach the hotel room, they find Fia and baby Rocco missing. Tanya and Lee discuss plans to take Eugene out of the city but he collapses and they are forced into taking him to the hospital. Lieutenant Cusack, who is on Jimmy’s payroll, reports that they cannot locate Eugene. The little kid is being tracked by a lot of people and there aren’t many who would want to protect him.

Jimmy calls Monique and admonishes her for Eugene’s sudden appearance. He threatens her but Monique is not ready to back down and says she can fight back too. Lee convinces the charge nurse not to report Eugene’s exact description as it would attract whoever is looking for him to the hospital. Beckwith confesses he met with his CI after Nancy reopened the investigation the week before. That is how he caught on to Michael and planned to kill him. Rudy goes to Monique but she is of no help and he has to go out with empty hands.

Little Mo is still recovering from the beating he suffered. Rudy gets a report of a gunshot victim being admitted to a hospital and he quickly confirms with the security personnel at the hospital about Eugene. He heads straight for the hospital as he knows the victim is Eugene. Beckwith mentions that there was another officer with him that night and who planned Robyn’s murder. Before he can shoot a handcuffed Michael, Nancy shoots him down. She used the phone Olivia gave to Michael to track his location. When Eugene sees Rudy, he panics and shouts out his true identity to ensure Rudy cannot come closer and it works.

Charlie is surprised to learn about Eugene. But he instantly backs off from supporting Rudy and knowing about this case. He asks Rudy to “keep on driving”, meaning go out of state and into hiding. Nancy opens Beckwith’s phone and learns the name of the other cop who was involved in Robyn’s murder. Little Mo visits Chris’ family and apologizes for not flushing out the poison (the drugs) when he had the chance. Chris reiterates that Monique has neglected her own people and she must pay for it. Jimmy pretends as if he does not care about the situation while Gina and Carlo cannot get their heads around this behaviour. Jimmy calls up Phil Calabri and gives a counteroffer, where he can only offer the docks to him for his drugs till the time the Baxter District is completed.

It is a clear show of strength and an attempt by Jimmy to consolidate his position as the head of the family and the business. Calabri accepts his deal. Fia goes with the baby to the church. She informs the Father that she is cancelling the baptism. But he senses there is something else going on and Fia confesses she was planning to run away but realized she won’t be able to survive alone. The Father consoles her about her situation and says he himself found a way out in the form of the church. Nancy and  Michael go to the cop’s house and it turns out to be Rudy. He is preparing to run away and Nancy holds him at gunpoint.

He accepts that he ordered the hit but Rudy said he got a call from someone that night who wanted Robyn to disappear. From his description, it seems like the caller was Charlie, as Rudy mentions something about “wanting a judge’s car to disappear”. We hear a gunshot and Nancy walks out, saying Rudy shot himself. Cusack reports to Jimmy about Eugene’s whereabouts. He says Eugene will be arrested but Gina isn’t happy with the outcome. Charlie is planning his defence for when Rudy’s name comes out.

Michael comes to Charlie’s office to talk. He says that Rudy is dead and goes on to confront Charlie about the night Robyn died. She had called Charlie that night to ask for police contacts and he gave Rudy’s name. Charlie pleads innocence and that he did not know Rudy wanted Robyn dead. A dejected Michael walks out, failing to believe he was betrayed by his own best friend. Michael breaks down on the bus while going back. As he is about to enter his house, he finds Fia and baby Rocco sitting at his doorstep.

The Episode Review

It is difficult to believe Charlie after everything points towards the fact that he ordered the hit on Robyn. Imagine the heartbreak Michael is going through. Everyone he ever cared for is either dead or has turned against him. Now he has lost his best friend, but perhaps Fia and baby Rocco might be the life support to revive him.

Bryan Cranston has been very convincing in his body language and capturing Michael’s mental state in this season. He certainly deserves praise for infusing emotion into an arc where dialogues are not necessarily top-notch. The narrative has been bland until now with very few surprises to offer. Each subplot seems to be heading for its final conclusion with no clear outcomes in sight.

Monique might face rebellion from within her own ranks. Eugene’s life, irrespective of what happens, is destroyed forever. Jimmy too has lost Gina’s trust and confidence to take care of family and business. And Michael has been dealt a fresh heartbreak.

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