Your Honor – Season 2 Episode 5 “Part Fifteen” Recap & Review

Part Fifteen

Michael throws away the phone Olivia gave to him in an alley as episode 5 of Your Honor season 2 starts. Monique rides with Eugene and says he made a mistake by coming back. But she also acknowledges that it was a brave thing to do, considering the probable consequences.

Monique did not know he was staying with her sister Sheila in Houston. An angry Gina barges into the kitchen and the chef clears it to allow her to prepare cannoli, a traditional dessert they have had on Jimmy’s previous birthdays. The entire family, sans Fia, have the desert. Gina is further upset with Jimmy for announcing Charlie as the godfather of Rocco, Fia’s child. She says anyone would get upset with a brazen act of betrayal like that.

Olivia visits the judge at his house. She gets excited when she learns Carmine is back in town and says that they will get all of them under some provision of the RICO act. At the breakfast table in the Baxter household, Carmine and Gina discuss the waterfront land deal with Jimmy. He says they need to move quickly or else Charlie might open it to other bidders. But Carmine is of another opinion.

He sys that Baxter’s business is built on the “Conti” name and that they shall “get a new mayor if Charlie does not give them the deal.” Jimmy is shocked by this confession and takes it to Michael. Zeke, Charlie’s assistant in the Mayor’s office, is upset with his boss for going to the party. He says they need to act quickly so as to not make the constituents who voted him into office. Charlie calls a group of investors, who give him funds for the elections, to offer a public-private partnership and asks them to develop the waterfront area. While they will be putting in some of their money, the government would provide them with funding as well.

Nancy Costello is excited at the statement a suspect makes. But we do not know what it is exactly. Michael works for another day in the meat shop at the behest of his boss and that is where Jimmy informs him about Charlie and the waterfront deal. Just before Jimmy’s arrival, Fia too comes to visit. But Michael rebuffs her attempts o stay in touch keeping in mind what Jimmy said to him in the previous episode. Carmine and Gina have a tender moment where she confides in her father about the difficulties in her marriage with Jimmy. With Rocco’s death, “a part in her died.” Carmine cools Gina’s concerns and asks her to endure the difficulties in the marriage like he did with Gina’s mother.

Carlo confides in Fia that he believes she is the strongest in the family. He himself is like their parents but Fia is different and will see this difficult time through. Little Mo learns that Eugene has brought the money back. Monique is pissed with Little Mo but first has to deal with Roderick, who followed them to the place and is parked outside. She offers to repay the money and take the drugs off Roderick’s hands if he is willing to give him an advance and a loan for it right away.

He is hesitant but they are able to accept the terms of the deal for a hefty interest to be paid by Monique. Little Mo says to Eugene he has made a mistake coming there but Eugene testifies his loyalty to Little Mo. Monique is prepared to forgive Eugene but not Little Mo. Janelle her singer girlfriend, sees Little Mo in handcuffs and is upset with Monique. They have a chat about it and agree to keep business separate from their relationship.

Olivia meets Nancy but once again, we cannot learn exactly what the new revelation is. Michael meets with Charlie and tries to persuade him to give the deal to Jimmy. When Charlie won’t stand down, Michael tells him the truth about the federal investigation. Charlie feels betrayed. Michael tells him further that he confessed to Nancy the night of Adam’s death. He even told Nancy that Charlie had taken care of the car for Michael. Charlie angrily asks Michael to leave and asks him to stay away.

At family lunch, Jimmy and Gina express their wish for Rocco to be baptized. She agrees, in return for Jimmy agreeing to make Carlo the godfather of Rocco. Monique asks Eugene about his life in Houston and after assessing that he has a future there, she asks one of her men to drive him back the next morning. She cuts Little Mo loose, saying “he is not fam anymore” and instructs her men to beat him and throw him in an alley.

Jimmy meets Charlie to discuss the deal. The Mayor says he cannot accept the deal in this shape and renegotiates the terms, including a welfare component for the constituents that was his election promise. He has even more strenuous demands that Jimmy is glad to accept. But he is taken aback after Charlie says he can never own the waterfront land. They shake hands to confirm it. We then learn that the mayor has made a deal with Olivia and giving this deal to Jimmy was their plan all along.

Olivia visits Michael the next morning. She says she has another task for him but Michael makes it clear he is not doing anything more She texts Nancy to come in and Nancy arrests Michael. The new information that has come to light is something about Michael’s wife’s murder. She asks him where he was that night. Does this mean he had something to do with her death as well?

The Episode Review

Where will the misery end for Michael? How much more can he endure? Your Honor has thrown up a complete surprise with a new intervention in the plot: Michael’s wife’s murder. He has been completely cornered by Olivia and Nancy. Even Charlie will hesitate to come to his rescue given the revelations made to him by Michael.

He has nothing to lose now and very little to fight for when it comes to Rocco. Does Jimmy secretly admire Michael and have a soft corner for him? It seems like it. This might be a friendship of convenience as well because of Carmine’s resurrection as the household head. They might front against the Contis, who are scarily upfront and ruthless.

This episode takes the story in a completely new direction. It has come timely as well given only five episodes remain before the story has to conclude for good.

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  1. Am I the only one that sees Big MO as using Lil MO as a scapegoat for her own questionable moves. She forced him to back out of a deal with the cartel, and then blames him when the cartel guy comes sniffing around for the cash. In my view Lil MO was doing what she told him to do, and all of a sudden he’s not ‘fam’ anymore. He should take steps to eliminate Big MO.

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