Your Honor – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Fia’s revelation in the last episode really seems to have stirred Michael up as Your Honor season 2 episode 3 starts. Perhaps that has given him some reason or purpose to live.

He immediately goes to Olivia after learning of his grandson. She is holding him prisoner to his own life and Michael wants to know the truth about what she is going to do. Olivia is taken by surprise by this brazen attitude but asks Michael to keep things as normal as possible. He must not give the impression that he is working with the federal authorities, just till the time they can make a case. Jimmy’s business acumen is shown in abundance in this episode.

Like all powerful organized crime bosses, Jimmy has a wealth of financial operations as well. He wants to further increase his territory by establishing a “Baxter district” – a one-stop solution for everything. It is ambitious and he has already had a bid accepted by the city. But that was before Charlie became the Mayor and is in charge of granting that approval. He disagrees with Baxter’s vision and instead vouches for a fair bidding process. The last winning bid went to Baxter as he was the only one to raise the paddle.

Gina mentioned that she flourished when angry. At first, the Baxters look for a negotiable way out where Charlie can be “bought”, per se. But Charlie makes it clear that he does not want anything other than the deal to increase New Orleans’ prestige and same sure that the people get the full benefit of this deal. The land belongs to them; why not its bounty? We saw Gina spotting Big Mo and Charlie from the club the other day and she uses that piece of information to threaten the mayor.

The Baxters are a big deal in the city and Gina made sure to communicate every inch of that realization to Charlie. But the big man was unmoved and stood his ground. Meanwhile, Big mo has other operational problems to take care of. Little Mo reveals what is required for them to acquire the product and Monique has no choice but to accept the terms, even if the volume of too large for them. Little Mo takes the money and meets with cousin Trey and Eugene as well to complete the deal. Euegene is asked to watch the bag in the car, as the adults take a break. The dealer is ready but delayed due to a baseball game.

All of a sudden, a big revelation to Big Mo causes a fight at the other end. She learns of Gina’s bid to buy the nightclub Charlie had brokered with the seller. The new bid is substantially more than her original bid and she needs extra cash to match it. She instructs Little Mo to return without the product and cancel the deal with the dealer. But turning away from agreed deals in this business is suicide. The dealer fights with Little Mo after he reveals he is not taking the product and the police arrest them. Eugene goes off with the bag but does not realize that it holds.

Even with the knowledge that it belongs to Monique, Euegen is tempted to abandon everything and run away with the money. He has to choose between abandoning a chance at normal, life as Justin around the people who care for him or avenging his brother’s death by making enemies with powerful people. Michael accepts Olivia’s offer with everything at stake. Olivia meets with Nancy to discuss the case and ask for her help. He grows his closeness with Fia and tries to infiltrate the Baxter family, as she requested. It must also be mentioned that Fia and Michael’s closeness is organic and comes from a place of love for each other, and Adam.

To counter Michael’s attempts to make Carlo fearful after killing Kofi, Jimmy uses his own psychological weapons against the former judge. He makes him believe that Michael was responsible for Adam’s death. Without his intervention, he would have probably let Adam go. But this does not prevent the two men from admiring their grandchild. It is a special moment between two enemies where they are the only ones present in the room with the little baby.

The Episode Review

Some tremendous character choices were made in this episode that turn the season’s complexion upside down. We have many new possibilities evolving and realizing in the show’s universe. Eugene, Michael, Jimmy, and Little Mo; everyone is going through a transformation and all of these ends were tied up well in this episode.

Big Mo and Gina are two fierce characters and none of them would back down from their stance. It remains to be seen how Monique reacts to the bust and the money missing. Can Michael and Jimmy start working together? Can the little baby really unite the two ideological enemies? After all, they have been through, it is tough to imagine.

But never say never in the world of television! If season 1 was the most watched show on Showtime, this season threatens to breach those numbers comfortably.

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  1. “Michael uses his own psychological weapons against the former judge”.

    I believe you meant to say that JIMMY uses his psychological weapons… and explains that Adam was a child that killed his son in an accident and he (Jimmy) would forgive him. After walking away, his right-hand man asks him if that is what he would do and Jimmy says, No, I would strangle him with my own hands.

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