Your Honor – Season 2 Episode 2 “Part Twelve” Recap & Review

Part 12

Michael is out of jail and wanders the streets of the city at the start of episode 2 for Your Honor season 2. He happens to pass by a family working together to get stuff from a car. His destination is the house of his mother-in-law, Elizabeth.

She welcomes him in and allows him to stay as a guest with her. It is the first time they are meeting in a year’s time. Elizabeth mentions it was only chance that the session was not in and he could find her in the house. Big Mo is head over heels in love with the singer at Grand Rain. She is planning to buy the nightclub but first has to deal with a problem with her existing business.

Lil Mo informs her that people in her neighbourhood are overdosing on the new product. He comes to the conclusion that the product is not fit for consumption. Before they deal with the perp, Big Mo instructs him to make some calls and get product for her to distribute on the streets. Gina is attending meetings to help with overcoming grief. But she thinks they are useless and walks out insulting the other participants.

Fia is still not talking to Jimmy and it concerns him. She has moved out of the house and into one of the hotel rooms owned by her father. Gina and Jimmy are having problems and sleeping separately. Michael frequently visits Adam’s grave. His grieving period is yet not over. Gina is angry at Fia when Jimmy reveals she is unyielding to their efforts to reach out at the moment. He asks Carlo to talk to Fia. Michael attempts to go into City Hall and talk to Charlie. But he is stopped by the security personnel.

Outside, he notices Olivia smirking at him. She explains that she has banned him from meeting Charlie. Michael must abstain from disclosing the investigation to Charlie if Michael wants his best friend to stay out of jail. Olivia also gets him a job to make the prison exit legitimate. The place where Michael works is owned by a pupil who came to his court. Even though the jury gave him a 14-year sentence, Michael reduced it to 8 months, saying “good people must not stay in jail for too long”.

He gets a job as a driver. Lil Mo drives out of the city to procure drugs. He meets Eugene, who has changed his name to Justin and then proceeds to ask his cousin to set up a deal with the local dealer. Michael is visited by Charlie one day at work. He has a heartfelt conversation with him where he confides that he misses Adam daily. He became like his own son and someone whose death has made him do penance in the form of guilt and suffering. Michel tries to suggest an investigation. But Charlie disregards it as he believes Michael could not have outed that conversation.

Carlo meets with Fia but she is not too convinced. The owner of Grand Rain declines to sell the club to Monique, even if she was willing to pay a premium on the place. Even though he wants to sell it, he will not do it for drug money. The dealer says he will not give out product in small quantities and Lil Mo is caught in a spot of bother.

Eugene is called by his counsellor, who believes he might be a threat to other people. His drawings of what he went through suggest the same according to her. Monique asks Charlie for help and he obliges, on the condition that this will be their last exchange of favour and that she will make sure the overdosing stops.

Michael has to make a delivery at Jimmy’s hotel and hesitates to go in. He finds Fia dining there and has a conversation with her. They allude to missing Adam and talking about him. Fia hugs Michael out of compassion and sheer empathy, but he breaks free, refusing to get closer to her. Jimmy watches from afar, perhaps with a sense of envy. Nancy confronts Michael about lying to her and keeping her in the dark about Adam and Rocco. She promises to get on his case whenever his “guardian angel” stops protecting him.

Michael gets back to the house and contemplates committing suicide. He changes his mind when the dog comes up to him. He takes him for a walk and returns to find that Elizabeth has put his bedding in the guest room from the pantry, where he has grown accustomed to sleeping due to his habit in a jail cell.

She also advises him not to frequent the grave too much and visit once a year as nothing will bring the dead back. Charlie is able to strong-hand the owner into selling to Monique, and Gina watches from across the street. She goes to Fia’s room but the daughter is rude. She slaps Fia in anger and storms out.

In the meeting, she confesses that she feels at home when she is angry. She flourishes in that state and she cannot do anything to reverse her instincts. Michael visits Fia as promised and she takes him to her room. There, she says to him that he can be closer to his son through his grandson.  Michael is too numb to speak and stands with Fia in the room.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 focused on Michael’s integration back into society but also showed how helpless he is in controlling his own life. In fact, he has no control over it and unsurprisingly tries to resort to suicide. He needs a lodge to prevent him from drowning and his grandson might be the answer.

Michael Stuhlbarg was criminally underutilized in this episode as well though. There is a feeling that the actor has so much to offer to Jimmy but somehow, cannot make the screen. Perez’s Olivia is turning into a square antagonist too, which is never too intriguing.

Nancy is back for revenge though and will be tough to shrug off. Michael is a man who has nothing to lose and they are a dangerous breed.

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