You’re All Gonna Die (2024) Ending Explained – What do we learn about Ana’s past?

Plot Summary

You’re All Gonna Die tells the familiar story of a group of young people, led by a traumatized woman named Ana, who drive out into the middle of nowhere where a murderous psychopath lies in wait. 

The movie is largely unoriginal but it does contain a few plot twists that make it stand out from the other slasher movies that clog up our streaming services. 

In this ending explained article for You’re All Gonna Die, we ask the question: What do we learn about Ana’s past?

How does You’re All Gonna Die begin?

At the beginning of the movie, we see a young woman named Ana, stained with blood and standing on the edge of a lake. At this point, we don’t know who she is or why she is in such a bloody mess. But when the movie rewinds backwards to a few days earlier, we discover Ana is part of a group of social justice warriors who want to prove the innocence of a man they think has wrongly been convicted of a series of highway killings. 

After expressing their theories on a TV talk show, the group, which consists of Ana, Travis, Danny, Deirdre, and Suzie, drives out to the site of an abandoned summer camp where one of the killer’s victims was found. 

What happens at the murder spot?

The group arrive at the murder spot with hopes of finding evidence that will acquit the wrongly convicted killer. Unfortunately for them, the only evidence they find is the real killer, who comes after each of them with murder on his mind. 

Danny and Suzie are the first people to fall prey to the psychopath. After going into a barn for a few minutes of passionate love-making, the horny young couple are attacked by the hooded killer. Danny is hit on the back of the head with a hammer and Suzie is stabbed to death.

Miraculously, Danny is still alive after the attack, despite having a hammer wedged into the back of him. But when Ana and Deidre see him reeling towards them, they get into their car and leave the scene, afraid that the killer might come for them next. This is bad news for Danny as any hope he might have had of surviving is ruined by the killer who returns to finish him off.

Who is next on the killer’s hit list?

Ana tells Deirdre that they need to turn back to the murder site to help Danny. Deirdre isn’t keen but she turns around anyway and the two return to the place where Danny lies dying. 

As Ana goes to look for Travis, the killer comes looking for Deirdre. She is able to evade him and drive away but during her escape, her car overturns after almost colliding with another vehicle. The people in this car come to her aid but rather than take her to a place of safety, they head to the murder spot instead.

Deirdre pleads with them to turn around but as they don’t speak English, they can’t understand what she is saying. During the drive, they are forced to stop because the killer’s pick-up truck is blocking the road. After the couple is killed by the crazed psycho, Suzie is forced to run for her life. She doesn’t get far as the killer mows her down in his truck and then shoots her in the head.

Who is the killer? 

Ana finds Travis and the two of them drive away from the murder site. Ana begins to suspect Travis might be behind the killings because there is blood on his hands. He tells her his injuries are from barbed wire but she’s sceptical about his explanation.

After the two of them argue, Travis stops the car. Ana gets out and runs away, thinking she has left the killer behind. But it’s not long before she realizes her mistake. 

Ana returns to the murder site where she comes face to hooded face with the killer again. She manages to escape him and takes refuge in a car, where she then sleeps for the night. The next morning, she realizes the car is being towed away by a guy in a pickup truck. She doesn’t realize this guy is the killer so accepts his offer of shelter at his garage. 

When they arrive at the garage, Ana explores her surroundings and finds a boar head in the fridge. She then finds the body of Suzie in a barrel. After discovering these shocking findings, she realizes that the guy who gave her a ride is the killer.

Does Ana survive the movie?

Ana and the killer (whose name we learn is Earl) have a fight, in which she manages to shoot him and hit him with a crowbar. Just as she’s about to finish him off, the sheriff arrives. Because Ana is holding a crowbar over Earl’s head, she’s the one the sheriff comes for first. When she is taken to the police car, she tells the sheriff what happened to her friends.

Unfortunately, the sheriff becomes the killer’s next victim so Ana is left to fend for herself again. The killer forces Ana into his truck and drives away with her. It’s here where we learn the motives for his killings – kind of – as he tells Ana that women are liars and calls them bitches. It’s clear that something in his past made him hate women, which is why he now kills them. But as to what happened in Earl’s past, we never find out. 

After the two of them get out of the truck, Ana gets the better of Earl and points a gun at his head. But before she can shoot him, Earl throws dust in her eyes and escapes. He doesn’t get far though, as Ana gives chase in his truck and kills him by mowing him down.

The movie ends with the scene from the beginning of the film, in which Ana stands looking out at the lake. At this point, we know why she is covered in blood. 

What do we learn about Ana’s past?

During the movie, Ana has flashbacks to her past. She recollects her childhood in which her mother and stepfather were constantly fighting. In one flashback, Ana’s stepfather gets shot in the neck. It can assumed that it was her mother who shot the man, as she wanted to protect herself and Ana from the creep’s abuse. But towards the end of the movie, we discover it was Ana who shot her stepfather.

At the movie’s conclusion, there is another flashback in which an FBI agent named Peterson comes to Ana’s house. We had already heard Ana speaking to him as an adult, in which he called her his “source.”

However, it turns out Peterson is more than just the person that Ana possibly helped with his investigations. It turns out that he’s her father, which we discover in the final flashback when he arrives at her home. To protect Ana, her mother takes the fall for the murder and is arrested by Peterson. But at the movie’s end, the adult Ana calls her father and confesses it was she who committed the crime. 


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