Young Wallander – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Puzzle Pieces

The Sniper

Episode 4 of Young Wallander begins with Wallander and Hemberg heading out together to try and track down the sniper.

Scrambling through the hallways of the high-rise, they head up to the roof and corner the man responsible. The one who fired? Hugo’s Father, Rickard.

Back at the station, they learn that Zemar is dead following the gunshot. They deduce that Rickard being part of SAPO was what led to the intel being leaked.

Before they can deep dive into this, they bring Yara in for questioning. She wants justice but not against Rickard, she wants the man who threatened Zemar originally.

Whoever this man was, he took advantage of Zemar and offered him a driving job. Unfortunately the job terms changed and Zemar returned one night enraged and flustered. He had to drive someone from the nightclub to a warehouse. This someone being Hugo.

At the warehouse he was given new instructions. His boss threatened to deport him if he didn’t hurt Hugo. Now the pieces are starting to slot into place.

A Forced Absence

On the back of this interview, Wallander learns that Migration Authority are taking over. He’s convinced that Zemar had a boss but Hemberg is not so sure. Given how emotionally involved Wallander is in the case, he’s forced to take a few days away from everything to cool off.

On his way back to the estate, Wallander spies Ibra being given something by Bash. However, the gang refuse to give up any information. Back home, more misery is piled on this detective as he learns the case has been closed and Zemar will be charged.

The next day, he meets Mona. He apologises profusely for what happened and this apology soon turns to more as they kiss and spend the night together.

In the morning, Wallander heads back to see Reza who’s now home and recovering. When Jasmine leaves them in peace, Reza bolts upright and the pair decide to team up to investigate further.

Everything Slots Together

As they start putting the pieces together, Rosengaard and the church are both Munck Foundation projects. Furthermore, both attacks may well have been planned to maximize the issues with the riots. Both of them suspect someone is pulling the strings.

But who? Who would try to stir the pot? Well, Gustav has the power, money and influence to do this. As Wallander checks out photos, he notices that very same tattoo of a cube on his forearm.

This brings Wallander round to Isak’s house for clarity. Although Isak is out with friends, his Father does allow him to take a peek at his room.

Within the shoe-boxes dotted around, he finds a whole stack of baggys and a weighing scale. It seems he may actually be the dealer.

When Wallander heads home, he finds out Ibra has lost his gig at the club and is on the verge of being recruited by a rival gang.

On the back of this, he heads outside and apologises, speaking to Bash about the situation. He’s convinced though that Ibra is loyal.

In the morning, Wallander arrives at the station and tries to sweeten up Rask. He shows her the photos – with particular emphasis on the tattoo – and reveals that Isak is missing. After some convincing, she agrees to help out.

A Meeting With Gustav

Predictably, this leads them to Gustav. When they get there though, they learn the company is going through its own problems. There’s been a death threat against Gustav – a far-right message.

Wallander valiantly tries to push through and ask questions about Hugo and Isak. Despite only having a brief encounter with him, Gustav is clearly hiding something.

When the pair leave, they get confirmation that Isak has been found. In a run-down high rise, Wallander heads up to find him. It turns out someone is after the boy and after a short foot-chase, Wallander catches up to him.

The boy is scared to death and some of this stems from the fact someone killed his dog as a warning. Only, the method od death is identical to Hugo – a grenade in the mouth.

As he continues on, Isak confirms the name of the host for this party – Gustav Munck.

The Episode Review

It appears Gustav is now front and center of this investigation. Is he a red herring though? There’s a lot of intriguing elements to this series  and plenty of suspects to draw from. Given the emphasis on Hemberg it could even be him too.

The show leaves the door wide open over who’s responsible and so far there’s enough elements to keep you watching through. It’s not perfect and some of the plot points are a little contrived but it’s definitely an easy show to watch.

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