Young Sheldon – Season 7 Episode 8 “An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House” Recap & Review

An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House

In the beginning of Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8, Meemaw is seen going back to her house. However, she is required to stay under house arrest until the matter regarding the gambling room is resolved in court.

Almost immediately after that, Mandy and George Jr. come back from their honeymoon. When they inquire about Cece, Meemaw responds by explaining that she is currently with Mary and then proceeds to tell them about her arrest.

On account of the fact that the toilet at the Cooper residence gets clogged, the family is forced to make use of a booth located in the backyard. As a consequence of the less-than-ideal circumstances, George Jr. and Mandy have no choice but to move in with Mandy’s parents, Audrey and Jim, in a temporary capacity.

At Mandy’s home, Mandy’s mother is unwelcoming of George and isn’t very pleased with her daughter’s decision to marry him. On the other hand, Jim, Mandy’s father, makes an effort to make things more amicable by approaching Audrey with the request to employ George at their tire shop. On the other hand, Audrey is initially unwilling to allow him to help George.

After that, we see George Jr. putting in a great deal of effort in order to win over Mandy’s parents. He starts working a temporary job at a supermarket, and he also starts running errands around the house, such as cleaning, shopping, and even reading stories to Cece. After witnessing George’s efforts, Audrey lets Jim hire him at his tire shop.

The Episode Review

During the eighth episode, Meemaw is placed under house arrest. On the other hand, George and Mandy are forced to move in with Jim and Audrey because the toilet at the Cooper residence is clogged. Sheldon makes an effort to learn the law in order to save his grandmother from her precarious position. George succeeds in winning Audrey over after a great deal of effort.

The narrative of the show continues to be captivating, enjoyable, and entertaining through its development. Furthermore, the dramatic twist definitely works for the show, and in addition to being a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, it has definitely established a name for itself.

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