Young Sheldon – Season 7 Episode 7 “A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet” Recap & Review

A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 7 picks up where the previous episode left off. For their wedding ceremony, Mandy and George Jr. invite Meemaw and Dale to accompany them to City Hall. Not long after that, George and Mandy’s parents show up because Meemaw invited them. Following this, the parents apologize to Mandy for their past behavior and request to let them attend their wedding. Following this, Mandy and George Jr. get married with the blessings of their parents.

Immediately following the wedding, Mandy, George, and their respective families go out to a restaurant to celebrate the wedding. At this point, Mandy’s parents offer to pay for the honeymoon. Both Mandy and George accept the thoughtful gesture with gratitude. As a result, both of their parents argue about who will be responsible for Cece’s care while they are away. Following this, we see Mandy handing over the responsibility to Meemaw, who enthusiastically agrees to help.

Following that, we see Mandy and George Jr. making their way to their honeymoon destination. On the other hand, Meemaw takes Cece with her to work in the gambling room of the laundromat after Dale refused to take care of Cece. Meemaw brings Cece along with her. Soon after, the police arrive and arrest Meemaw for illegally operating a gambling room. As a result, Mary decides to take Cece under her wing while George and Mandy are away on their honeymoon.

Shortly after, Mandy’s mom pays a visit to Meemaw’s home to check on Cece. Following this, Mandy’s mom visits Mary’s home after Dale informs her that Cece is staying there. While Mandy and George are away, Mandy’s mother finds out about Meemaw’s arrest and makes the decision to stay at Mary’s place in order to take care of her granddaughter. Because of Meemaw’s arrest, there is a great deal of friction between the two families, as Mandy’s mother starts to look down on George’s family. On the other hand, George Sr. and Mandy’s father work together to make things more amicable.

During the closing moments of the episode, Missy tells Sheldon that the family has buried a dead body in their backyard. As the episode concludes, Missy stands behind Sheldon, observing him as he digs in the backyard.

The Episode Review

The seventh episode celebrates George Jr. and Mandy’s wedding with the blessings of their respective families. While Mandy and George are away on their honeymoon, Meemaw gets arrested. George and Mandy’s parents take care of Cece, leading to several conflicting, dramatic, and entertaining moments in the story.

The show’s plot continues to be entertaining, with a mix of comedic and dramatic elements to keep things interesting. In contrast to The Big Bang Theory, which was primarily known for its comedic content, this show has adopted a different strategy. It is maintaining the show’s relevance by incorporating elements of drama into its comedic content. To put that into perspective, it is beneficial to the show because it allows it to develop its unique voice while maintaining an essential component of The Big Bang Theory.

To this point, the season has done an excellent job overall, and it has been successful in maintaining the audience’s interest in the storyline and the progression of the characters at the same time. Given that this is believed to be the final season of the show, it is also quite possible that we might witness the passing of George Sr. during this season. Consequently, it will be fascinating to watch the route that the show takes in the subsequent episodes.

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