Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 22 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring

What happens before Sheldon and Mary travel to Germany?

The Coopers are having dinner together when the episode begins. Mary mentions Sheldon and her trip to Germany during the prayer. In addition, she confirms that George Jr and Mandy are engaged. Sheldon tries to talk to Missy at night, but after the incident last episode, she returns her phone, indicating that she does not wish to speak with him.

The following morning, George Jr asks Meemaw for some advance payment to purchase an engagement ring for Mandy. Meemaw happily pays him because she is thrilled about their engagement.

Mary and Sheldon are being driven to the airport by Missy and George. While the rest of the Coopers are joking around, Missy refuses to speak to anyone, particularly Sheldon. Furthermore, she doesn’t say goodbye to Sheldon properly before he leaves to go to Germany.

While this is going on, George Jr. proposes to Mandy and gives her the engagement ring he purchased. Mandy is stunned by the ring’s appearance.

What happens when a tornado hits Texas?

Sheldon and Mary board their flight, and Sheldon spots his favorite scientist. Sheldon approaches him and they hit it off right away. However, a tornado strikes Texas as Missy and George Sr are returning from the airport.

George and Missy leave the car in the middle of the road and lie on the ground, waiting for the tornado to pass. On the other hand, Pastor Jeff, Meemaw, and Dale are stuck at the laundromat with the other customers. Meemaw leads them into the gambling room, where they all pray together.

Mandy and George Jr pay a visit to Mandy’s parents to announce their engagement. Mandy then finds herself arguing with her mother about a lavish wedding. When Mandy tries to leave, she realizes they can’t because of the tornado. Mandy and George Sr are then stuck in the house with Mandy’s parents.

What happens once the tornado has passed?

After the tornado passes, Missy apologizes to George for her recent actions and expresses her guilt for everything she said and did. Unfortunately, Meemaw’s home has been completely destroyed by the tornado when Meemaw and Dale head back.

Mary is calling Meemaw from Germany, but Meemaw is unable to pick up the phone because her home (including the phone inside) are both destroyed. In Texas, Dale, Pastor Jeff, and the Coopers assist Meemaw in gathering the belongings from her destroyed home that isn’t damaged.

The Episode Review

The season ends on a bittersweet note. Even though the Coopers’ relationships seem to be improving, the tornado and Meemaw’s loss as a consequence now present another barrier.

The finale neatly wraps up all the loose ends and if the show is brought back for another season, this episode presents new challenges that the Coopers will have to deal with, which will certainly make for an intriguing watch.

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