Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 9 Recap & Review

College Dropouts And The Medford Miracle

Episode 9 of Young Sheldon season 6 starts with Sheldon, who has now taken complete ownership of the database, looking for investors who would also allow him the freedom to create the database without their interference. However, there’s a small problem: even though he is incredibly smart, every investor he gets to meet ends up thinking it’s a laughing matter given Sheldon’s age.

Sheldon requests Missy’s assistance, who decides to call the investors as Sheldon’s assistant who speaks in an English accent. Sheldon appears to be trying to speak in a manly voice, but even that fails once his mom continuously talks to him like a child and ends up calling him baby boy during the intense phone conversation.

George has returned to the university to train the football players, and indeed the squad has been practicing tirelessly. After seeing the pastor there, George Sr. appears uncomfortable. George appears to be speaking to his squad during practice. He informs them that their reputation is currently at stake, so they must win the game at all costs.

When the Pastor shows up out of nowhere, it enrages George. However, his assistant informs him that after his wife left him, he has been counseling him. He, therefore, reasoned that he could give the team some confidence by doing so. The squad ends up winning a game, and Pastor Rob receives all the credit, which tends to make George angry.

George follows Pastor Rob’s advice throughout the next critical match, believing that if they end up losing, the responsibility will also fall on him, in an effort to show that it was his struggle to coach the kids rather than the prayer that helped them win the match. George becomes even angrier as a result of the team’s eventual victory in the game.

Missy seems to be in touch with another boy named Dean, whom she wishes to watch a movie with. Missy timidly informs her grandmother that she is trying to arrange a movie date. When Meemaw starts to break the awkward silence by asking if Missy asked for permission to hang out with her guy friend, Missy replies in the affirmative.

Missy goes on to say that she can’t invite him to her house because her family will stir up trouble as they are rather odd. She then asks Meemaw if she can consider inviting the boy to Meemaw’s house. Meemaw agrees but also establishes some rules and boundaries for the movie-watching session.

Dean, who was close to his grandma and had lost her previously that same year, is more concerned about Meemaw than Missy as soon as he shows up. Throughout the movie, he keeps bringing up her Meemaw, to the point where Missy breaks things off with him.

Sheldon eventually finds an investor (who believes in astrology) with the help of John Sturgis who tells him that he will help him put his grant database plan into motion.

The Episode Review

Young Sheldon Season 6 is back after a protracted break to explore Sheldon’s choices. The Big Bang Theory prequels’ preceding episode’s cliffhanger resolution exposed a brand-new plot device. In this episode, Sheldon appears to be working through his challenges with the University by scheduling a meeting with potential investors and presenting his grant database idea. He eventually finds an investor who is willing to invest in his idea on Sheldon’s terms.

Regarding the relationships between Mandy and Georgie and Mary and George Sr, the sixth season has played it annoyingly safe, and this episode is no exception.

Up until this point in the season, we can see that they have been repairing their relationships. In terms of things that actually matter in accordance with the show’s plot, there isn’t any actual chaos in this episode, so it seems like the show is just postponing things. The events and issues it is using as a diversion are also not interesting enough at this point, and the show is beginning to become quite dull.

The complicated bullying relationship between Sheldon and his sister was repeatedly hinted at throughout The Big Bang Theory, but this comedy barely touches on the subject, making it seem as though either Sheldon is an unreliable narrator or the comedy sitcom is not living up to its potential.

George is seen motivating the football team in this episode, which is quite reminiscent of a scene from The Big Bang Theory where he does the same thing. Having said that, the portrayal of George and his persona as a football coach is not engaging and barely evokes any emotion from viewers in this show and especially in this episode.

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