Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha

The first sequence of episode 8 for Young Sheldon season 6 features Sheldon’s principal trying to get Sheldon’s parents to sign papers that will allow her to profit from Sheldon’s invention of the grant database. Specifically, it would allow the University to own 90% of its profits.

The scene shifts to the laundromat before moving to Meemaw’s video store, where George Jr and Mandy presently work. A customer returns a movie, complaining that it is filthy and contains sinful content. Mandy thereafter gives the customer an earful as she complains about how immoral it is to sell content like that, and consequently the customer storms off in anger.

Dr. Linkletter bursts in and demands that he had a hand in Sheldon’s idea and that he should benefit from the invention as well, as Principal Linda is negotiating with a lawyer to include a piece of the profit for her from Sheldon’s invention. After much debate, the principal decides to offer Dr. Linkletter a portion of Sheldon’s profit in exchange for Sheldon admitting that Dr. Linkletter was involved in the innovation.

When Pastor Jeff goes to Meemaw’s house, he asks her to stop keeping explicit movies in her video store because some of his churchgoers find it objectionable. Meemaw slams the door in his face as he attempts to convince her.

Sheldon’s parents consult with a lawyer about the contracts they must sign for Sheldon’s innovation. George Sr informs him that they believe the university is attempting to keep a large portion (90%) of Sheldon’s profits and requests him to assist them in investigating this.

Dr. Linkletter finds Sheldon at the library and tries to persuade him of his contribution to his theory, but Sheldon disagrees. He then tries to manipulate and guilt-trip Sheldon into admitting that he was involved with the underlying concept, but Sheldon isn’t convinced.

Pastor Jeff and others from the church are pushing people to sign petitions against the video store’s sexual content outside the store. After Mandy and Pastor Jeff bicker, Meemaw comes in and sprays the protestors, including Pastor Jeff, with the fire extinguisher.

George Jr tries to persuade Meemaw and Mandy that the protesting will draw attention to the illegal gambling activity (their primary source of income) inside the Laundromat. Meemaw finally listens to him and agrees to behave after much persuasion.

Principal Linda tries to manipulate and brainwash Sheldon into convincing his parents to sign the contract by telling him how valuable his innovation is for science, how dealing with attorneys takes time, and how someone else could build the database before him if he doesn’t act quickly. She then tells Sheldon that if he agrees she will name one of the university buildings after him, “Sheldon Cooper’s Science Centre”. Sheldon gets carried away and agrees to speak with his parents thereafter.

Meemaw pays a visit to Pastor Jeff’s house and tries to find a peaceful solution to their situation. She agrees to throw out the film that triggered the problem. Pastor Jeff then oversteps his limits and tells her that he’ll be pleased to accompany her to the video store and tell her which other movies are objectionable so she can stop selling them as well. This enrages Meemaw, and she simply walks away.

Dr. Linkletter summons Sheldon to his office and gifts him Richard Feynman’s (who Sheldon admires) autograph in exchange for him not falling into the university’s trap and instead falling into his hook by negotiating a bargain with him. Sheldon accepts his offer and goes away.

Meemaw orders additional obscene movies for the video store to provoke the church protesters. George Jr tries to make her see the light by explaining how her primary business could suffer as a result of her being impulsive. During this debate, he comes up with the notion of converting the video store into a Christian video store to attract less attention.

During dinner, Sheldon’s father informs him that the lawyer wishes to speak with him about the invention. Sheldon argues that attorneys will delay the process. Following that, Mary informs Sheldon that they are doing it for his benefit, to ensure that he benefits and is well taken care of. Sheldon informs them that he is indifferent about money. His family continues to persuade him to reconsider the situation, and he eventually agrees to meet with the lawyer.

At the university, the university’s lawyer meets with Sheldon and his parents, and then Dr. Linkletter and his lawyer cousin step in to take a cut of the profits. All three lawyers argue that Sheldon is on their side, and Sheldon responds by ranting that he wants his innovation to be about science, not money. He then walks away after telling them that they are ruining the process.

Mary follows him and apologizes for not understanding what he wanted. She asks him to take his time and decide what he wants. Sheldon informs her that he’ll handle it on his own, without the help of the institution or Dr. Linkletter. He goes on to say that he’ll recruit private investors and include a provision that requires them to leave him alone during the process.

Meemaw, George Jr, and Mandy repurpose the video store as a Christian video store. Meemaw decides to check Pastor Jeff’s records while talking with Mandy to see if he has ever purchased a sexual movie from them. They check the records and discover nothing that could get him in trouble. They search his wife’s records as well as the records of other members of the church thereafter. They find out that his wife and many of the church members have brought adult films from them.

Meemaw pays a visit to Pastor Jeff’s house and informs him about the leverage she has over him. She goes on to tell him that his wife and other church members had rented sexual movies from them. Following that, Pastor Jeff begs for forgiveness.

The Episode Review

The episode didn’t advance the plot in particular, but it did have some entertaining sequences, particularly those involving the church protesters’ battle against Meemaw, as well as those in which everyone tries to persuade Sheldon to side with them.

Pastor Jeff, Meemaw, and Principal Linda in particular, stood out in this episode because they were able to act wittily, adding a lot of humor to the sitcom’s episode.

The show appears to be taking its time building tension and revealing the essential discussions later. We hope they don’t take too long, because the plotline is unfolding rather slowly at this point, making it appear as if they are beating around the bush.

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