Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 7 Recap & Review

A Tougher Nut and a Note on File

Episode 7 of Young Sheldon begins with George Jr and Mandy going out for dinner. Mandy runs into her parents, who are unhappy with her for carrying a baby out of wedlock.

Mandy shows George where her parents are seated at the meal. Mandy has an awkward and passive-aggressive conversation with her parents. Standing beside her, George Jr makes embarrassing comments that makes the situation even more awkward. Despite George’s best efforts, Mandy introduces George to her parents, and things worsen. Mandy’s father appears to understand the situation more, but his options are limited as Mandy’s mom is angry and disappointed with Mandy.

We get a glimpse of Sheldon’s interest in collecting items, which borders on addiction because he feels incredibly uneasy if his collection is incomplete. We see that he is missing a Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1 comic book issue. He goes to his sister’s workplace at a comic book shop to buy a copy, but even though his name is on the file, she accidentally sells the book to another nerd, which enrages Sheldon. Thereafter, Sheldon questions his sister about the purchaser of the comic book, and she provides him with his information.

At the laundromat, Meemaw asks George about his meal with Mandy and George tells her what happened with her parents. Following that, they have a playful banter.

Sheldon gets in touch with the person who has the comic book. They both seem to be nerds, so it seems like they already know each other. After engaging in a nerdy conversation, the man asks Sheldon to find another comic book for him to trade, and Sheldon sets out to find the book.

Thereafter, Sheldon tries to locate the book online, but his computer’s power was inadequate at the time, resulting in him being unable to do that.

George Jr pays a visit to Mandy’s father’s shop to speak with him. Unfortunately, her mother was present, so he couldn’t have a proper conversation. On a good note, George manages to pique her father’s interest before he leaves.

Sheldon searches for the comic book on Dr. Linkletter’s computer in his office. Dr. Linkletter finds Sheldon in his office and, understandably, gets annoyed and sarcastic with him. Sheldon doesn’t appear to comprehend Dr. Linkletter’s irritation because he doesn’t seem to understand sarcasm. While looking for comic books, Sheldon has an idea to create a comic book database to make the process of finding comic books easier. Dr. Linkletter pushes him even harder to create the database in order to get him out of his hair.

Mandy goes to George’s workplace, enraged since he visited her parents behind her back. After Mandy tells George that her parents need to apologize for kicking her out, George comments that Mandy is stubborn like her mother. This infuriates her, and she storms out.

Sheldon returns to the comic book store and informs Missy that he wishes to talk with the manager. Sheldon pitches his concept of developing a comic book database, who approves it. He then asks Missy to stay late and assist Sheldon with the same.

George Jr shares what happened with Mandy’s parents with George Sr. George Sr attempts to console George Jr in a humorous manner.

At night, Sheldon and Missy work together at the comic book store. Sheldon finds the arrangement of the books bizarre, so he sits and rearranges them from scratch despite not having to. Furthermore, he invites the nerd who brought the comic book to assist them, who gladly agrees.

Missy is enraged that she has to put in more hours, and she storms off, leaving Sheldon and the other geek to finish the job. Sheldon comes up with the notion of using the same method to discover scientific grants. He then abandons the geek at the comic shop to work on that idea.

George Jr pays a visit to Meemaw’s house and apologizes to Mandy for his blunder. When George Jr. and Mandy go to the house, they discover Mandy’s father there. Mandy’s father informs her that she is being stubborn, which upsets her, and she walks off.

Sheldon goes to his principal to tell her about his idea. She sees an opportunity to make a profit with his help, and they proceed with the plan.

The Episode Review

This episode, which serves as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, introduces us to one of Sheldon’s hobbies, comic book collecting. We’ve seen Sheldon and his friends in The Big Bang Theory repeatedly collecting comic books from Stuart’s comic book shop. We get an insight into the origins of Sheldon’s passion with comic books, which is quite interesting.

The episode introduces us to Mandy’s parents and moves the plot along in that regard. Besides that, it appears that the plot progression of the series is incredibly slow, and it’s getting a bit tedious with how much they’re beating around the bush and showcasing minor things.

The actors, as always, do an excellent job in their roles, and their comic timing keeps the show rolling.

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  1. Appreciate the recap!

    The “comic book nerd” has been in other episodes, and even in Sheldon’s house in case you forgot.

    I wonder where Sheldon gets the money to pay for his collections…

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