Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 21 Recap & Review

A Romantic Getaway and a Germanic Meat-Based Diet

Sheldon is eating in Dr. Linkletter’s class when episode 21 of Young Sheldon season 6 begins. When Dr. Linkletter questions him, he says he’s preparing to alter his internal clock to Germany’s time zone. Not wanting to waste his time arguing, Dr. Linkletter carries on with his class.

At home, Mary is preparing to go to Germany with Sheldon. George Sr suggests that he could go with Sheldon in Mary’s place. Mary tells him that they could keep his suggestion open.

George Jr is looking after baby Cece when Mandy tells him that they could go to a spa that weekend. Initially George is hesitant, but when Mandy says that they could keep Cece with Meemaw, he agrees.

Sheldon is snacking in the middle of the night. He notices Missy sneaking back in and questions her about her whereabouts. Furthermore, he realizes she smoked because she stinks of cigarettes. Missy informs Sheldon that she was with Tonya so Missy steps in when Sheldon is about to tell Mary. Missy tells him that if he tells Mary, no one will accompany him to Germany, which means they will not let him go either. Sheldon doesn’t tell his parents about Missy sneaking out because he doesn’t want to jeopardize the summer program.

Missy is spending time with Tonya, but Sheldon is concerned that if he doesn’t tell his parents about what she did with Tonya, she will do something worse. Meanwhile, George Sr is attempting to convince Sheldon to take him to Germany instead of Mary.

At Meemaw’s house, Meemaw forces Dale to do some housework, including changing Cece’s diaper. By contrast, George doesn’t appear to be having a good time at the spa. When Mandy inquires about George’s bad mood, he tells her that he believes Mandy is sending him mixed signals. He goes on to say that they are doing a good job of co-parenting Cece and that he doesn’t want to ruin that.

Mary and George Sr are arguing about who should go to Germany. When they ask Sheldon about it, he snaps and tells them about Missy sneaking out to smoke. Mary and George then ground Missy for three months.

Sheldon tries to talk to Missy but she refuses to speak to him and declares that she hates him out of anger. Meanwhile, Mary has reservations about Germany. George Sr insists on her going, claiming that he’ll manage things at home.

As the episode closes out, Mandy proposes to George Sr on their way home, and they share a touching moment.

The Episode Review

In this episode, the show dives right in and addresses the major concerns about the characters. Sheldon is leaving for Germany, Missy is caught smoking, and Mandy proposes to George.

Given that the season finale is only one episode away, the show is attempting to address the major conflicts, and it’ll be interesting to see how the show ties all the loose ends in the next episode.

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