Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 20 Recap & Review

German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat

Episode 20 of Young Sheldon season 6 opens with Meemaw dealing with a new challenge once she finds out that somebody got into her gambling room and stole money. She is forced to handle the situation herself given that she won’t be able to call the authorities for assistance since the business is illegal.

Sheldon brings snacks for his parents in an attempt to persuade them to let him go to Germany for a summer program. Following that, Mary and George Sr say that they’ll consult Dr. Sturgis before making a decision.

Meanwhile, Pastor Jeff’s niece Tonya and Missy develop a peculiar friendship. They get along when Missy helps Tonya rent an R-rated movie at the video store.

Dr. Sturgis meets Mary and George Sr. When Dr. Sturgis informs them that he will not be joining Sheldon and that the Coopers will be responsible for Sheldon’s expenses in Germany, Mary and George ask Dr. Sturgis to inform Sheldon that they won’t be able to send him to Germany for the summer program.

Dale attempts to help Meemaw and George Jr to track down the thief using absurd methods inside the gambling room. Meanwhile, Sheldon is studying German in his bedroom. Mary and George Sr inform him that they are unable to send him to Germany due to financial constraints, which upsets Sheldon.

Missy and Tonya are watching the R-rated movie in George Jr’s basement and they end up getting along really well. Later that night, George Jr. and Dale bring the money from the gambling room to Meemaw’s house, where they keep an eye on it. Meanwhile, Tonya and Missy sneak out. Because of the darkness, George Jr. and Dale mistake Missy and Tonya for thieves. Missy and Tonya then smoke and drink together.

When Missy returns, Sheldon is preparing to sell old items to raise funds for his trip to Germany. Following that, Missy and Mary assist him. Pastor Jeff arrives at the yard sale and informs Mary that Missy had rented an R-rated movie to Tonya. Missy, on the other hand, covers it up.

Sheldon isn’t able to collect enough money to go to Germany from his yard sale. He does, however, receive some last-minute support from Pastor Jeff and Dr. Linkletter. They are able to raise enough money to help Sheldon go on his trip.

The Episode Review

The Big Bang Theory prequel moves the overall storyline along by showcasing how Sheldon is trying to raise money to travel to Germany, Missy appears to be getting more rebellious, and Meemaw is having problems with the gambling room.

The episode establishes the tone for the finale which is only a few episodes away. It will be interesting to see how the show’s loose ends are tied in upcoming episodes.

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