Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 12 Recap & Review

A Baby Shower and a Testosterone-Rich Banter

Episode 12 of Young Sheldon season 6 begins with the Coopers preparing for Mandy’s baby shower. George Jr informs them of his date with Amber, which is scheduled for the same day as the baby shower, and the family informs him that he is not invited. Mary inquires as to whether Mandy is aware of his relationship with the girl, and George responds that it was Mandy’s idea for him to date. Mandy then requests that they keep the celebration small. Mary asks if she can invite Mandy’s mother, to which Mandy says yes.

The family discusses the baby shower over dinner, coupled with their usual banter. George Sr invites George Jr to watch the game on the day of the shower. Mary also suggests inviting Mandy’s father and brother to watch the match. George hesitates at first but eventually gives in after Mary pushes him.

Mary goes to Mandy’s parents’ shop to invite them to the baby shower. After a rather passive-aggressive conversation, Mary hands Mandy’s baby shower invitation to her mother and asks her to help them plan it. She also invites Mandy’s father and brother to watch the game with George Sr and George Jr.

Sheldon goes to Dr. Linkletter’s office and asks for permission to use the lab on Sunday. Dr. Linkletter informs him that he will not be present on Sunday. When Sheldon informs him that he is attempting to avoid attending the baby shower, Dr. Linkletter advises him to attend.

Mandy’s mother comes to the house to help Mary and Meemaw plan Mandy’s baby shower. Mary is upset when Mandy’s mother enters and takes over all of the plans.

Sheldon goes to the bookstore and requests that Missy show him books that will allow him to engage in testosterone-rich banter with Mandy’s father and brother. Missy tricks him and then gives him an unrelated book.

On George Jr’s date with Amber, George informs her of Mandy’s baby shower on Sunday and cancels their plans. In addition, George asks Amber if he should get Mandy a present, to which Amber responds that he should.

George Jr pays a visit to Mandy and gives her a pendant engraved with their daughter’s sonogram. Mandy is moved by the gift, but when he tells her that it was Amber’s idea, she feels hurt.

While the women are at the baby shower, Mandy’s father and brother meet George Sr and George Jr to watch the game. Mandy has an argument with her mother at the baby shower about her making insulting comments in Georgie’s name. Mandy flips out and leaves her own baby shower. Mandy’s mother, too, leaves with Mandy’s father and brother.

The Episode Review

The episode focuses on Mandy’s baby shower. Mandy appears to be regretting her rash decision to tell George to go on a date with Amber in the episode. Mandy does appear to have feelings for him after all.

The episode showcases Mandy’s tumultuous relationship with her mother. Mandy and her mother appear to harbor bitterness for one another, so much so that Mandy abandons her baby shower halfway through. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops in the upcoming episodes.

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