Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Taking Off The Mask

The finale of Young Royals season 2 starts with Simon leaving Wilhelm’s room to make things right, presumably with Marcus and then head over to the police station later that day with his mom.

Meanwhile, August calls Jan-lof in a worried state to explain his situation but Jan-lof is quick to dismiss him and remind him that they are counting on him not to give them problems. At that moment, Alexander knocks on his door to wake him up and August invites him in with a mischievous smirk on his face. He is plotting something, it is written all over his face.

Elsewhere, Wilhelm is practicing his speech when he receives a message from August wanting to speak urgently about Simon. At the meeting, August says that he will do everything he can to protect the Royal family. He tells Wilhelm that if Simon reports him to the authorities then Alexander will take the blame and they will reiterate by exposing Simon for selling his dad’s medication. This puts Wilhelm between a rock and a hard place because he has to protect Simon and that means stopping him from reporting August.

Simon goes to see Marcus and apologizes for ghosting him after the masquerade ball and for how he has been treating him. Marcus asks him to take responsibility for acting like a victim and tells him he is the only one to blame for all the drama in his life. He asks Simon to leave him alone. Technically, they were not together so I am not sure this qualifies as a breakup.

On the other hand, Sara is sad that the new owners of Rosseau have arrived to pick him up. Felice feels guilty that her parents sold Rosseau to the wrong people so she confesses to Sara a few of her misdemeanours. Sara also confesses that she is in love with August and has been hiding the relationship because she fears it will affect their friendship. Felice is shocked but she tells her she can’t trust August and that he is the worst person in the world.

He later meets with Wilhelm and he tells him about August’s plans to get away with the sex tape saga. Simon is curious as to who told August their plans to report him to the cops. Wilhelm and Simon decide to confront August and find him at the shooting range. Wilhelm picks up the gun and threatens to shoot August if he doesn’t reveal who tipped him off.

Sara and Felice arrive at that moment and Sara confesses that she is the guilty party. Simon is shocked by his sister’s betrayal especially after finding out that she knew all along that August was the one who shared the video. She tries to explain that she did it out of love and believed that August would turn himself in. Felice tells her that she is despicable for what she did to her brother and their friendship. Sara confronts August and ends their relationship.

Wilhelm runs after Simon and tries to comfort him but he says he wants to be alone and goes home. He explains the situation to Ayub, Rosh and his mom and says he will protect his family too.

The king and queen arrive for the anniversary ceremony planned for the next day and Wilhelm is not in a good mood. They try to cheer him up and make small talk at dinner but he has an outburst and blames them for hiding secrets that only lead to bigger problems.

In the meantime, Felice opts to switch rooms as she can’t stand Sara. The house mistress tries to patch things up between them but fails.

How does the Young Royals season 2 end?

Before the start of the Jubilee ceremony, Simon pulls Wilhelm aside and tells him that he wants to be with him. He doesn’t care if they will have to keep it a secret as long as they are together. He also tells him that he loves him.

August is ecstatic to perform his royal duties besides the queen and king as they greet and welcome people to the celebration. He spots Sara leaving with her bags and he tries to persuade her to stay. He reveals that he sold his painting to buy Rosseau for her but she is unmoved and angry that he doesn’t get what he has done wrong. She gets on a bus and calls the police to report a crime.

At the last moment, Wilhelm decides to give the speech but halfway through he changes the script. He admits to being the guy in the video with Simon and turns around to smile at a shocked Simon.

The Episode Review

Once again, Young Royals delivers an amazing finale and keeps the momentum going throughout the series. The twist at the end was a long time coming but it was still shocking to witness. Wilhelm takes the power into his own hands and came out publicly on his own terms. The writers did a commendable job with that scene.

Sara got what she deserved and time will tell if she has learnt her lesson. As for August, it is hard to imagine him redeeming himself. He has his head so far up the clouds of ambition he can’t even the hurt and pain he is causing with his selfish actions.

The finale left us with two questions: 1) What will happen to Simon and Wilhelm following his unprecedented announcement? 2) Did Sara report August to the authorities? We desperately need season 3 pronto!

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  1. The ending was the best both leads admit their flaws, but realize their love is something to special to throw away, season 2 rebuts season 1, but more in depth,let’s hope season 3, wilhelm,turns 18,and goes to clerks office with Simon, gets the blood test,and 3 days later,they are married quietly,so the royal family can find another fool,wilhelm abdicates,moves in with Simon’s mom,now he has a family

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