Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Impending Dilemmas

Young Royals season 2 episode 5 starts with Wilhelm taking a shower and he seems happy about his kiss with Simon. Simon is also at home sniffing Wilhelm’s sweater and thinking about him. At breakfast, Alexander is indifferent towards Wilhelm after learning at the masquerade ball that he was the one who chose to leave him out to dry following the drugs scandal.

Elsewhere, Simon heads to the stable to meet Sara and remind her to come home for dinner. He is avoiding Marcus and is glad that he is not at the stable. He tells Sara that he kissed Wilhelm at the party but feels like a bad person as he had attended the party with Marcus. Sara tells him that sometimes loving the wrong person can feel like it is right and he should be honest about how he feels.

The anniversary ceremony is around the corner and Jan-lof is around to make sure everything is ready. August takes the opportunity to try and get in his good graces and shows initiative about the speech. The backup plan is for August to give the speech if Wilhelm refuses or can’t and August is already counting his eggs even before the eggs hatch.

Jan-lof supervises the choir practice and decides to change it back to the old-school song. He doesn’t want the attention to drift to Simon who is supposed to be the solo lead. This he believes will throw the royal court in disarray as Simon is the boy in the sex tape.

Simon is frustrated and chooses to distance himself from Wilhelm and tells him their kiss was a mistake. Wilhelm is scared that he is losing Simon again so he tells him that he should be angry at August as he is the one who filmed and shared the video. Simon is angry that Wilhelm has been keeping this from him and accuses him of doing the same thing as his mom.

Simon rushes out and meets with Ayub and Rosh who advise him to report August to the police. Simon doesn’t think he has a chance against August and the royal family. Ayub and Rosh say that they will support him and he should consider reporting August so that everyone will know what he did whether he suffers the consequences or not.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm calls his mom to vent about the situation and his mom reveals that August is the next in line for the throne. She tells him that the Royal Court has decided that if he cant or won’t give the speech, August will do it for him.

Wilhelm feels it is unfair and confides as much to his therapist who questions why Wilhelm feels so indebted to his family to the point of denying himself his happiness. The therapist tells him he is allowed to feel what he wants and that he is not obligated to live his life as his family wants.

After his conversation with the therapist, Wilhelm visits Simon and explains that he is willing to give up the throne and let August be the crown prince. He explains that if Simon reports August then he will no longer have a backup plan and won’t be able to renounce the throne. He says he won’t force Simon to decide what to do with August.

On the other hand, Sara is upset that Felice broke her promise and sold Rosseau to the bad people. She goes to see August even though she knows he is angry at her for ditching him at the masquerade ball. She apologizes and August comforts her. The next morning he calls his mom and makes arrangements to sell some of his properties.

Later at dinner, Simon tells his mom and Sara that he discovered the culprit behind the sex tape and his mom agrees that they should report August to the police. Sara meets up with August and informs him of the impending danger and asks him to report himself to the police first.

Simon tells Wilhelm that he is forging ahead with his plans to report August to the police. Wilhelm begins to feel sick and misses their group presentation. Worried, Simon visits him and they end up making love.

The Episode Review

The stakes as we get to the season finale are amped and you can feel the tension between the characters. Wilhelm, though scared, has been understanding of Simon’s decision to report August to the police.

I am intrigued to find out why August is selling his properties, even when he had tuition fee problems he refused to sell them. What is he up to?

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