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Episode 4 of Young Royals season 2 starts with Wilhelm texting Felice to check on how he is doing. He doesn’t think Henry, the guy who interrupted them, will snitch. Unfortunately, the story is already out and has been embellished to make it more raunchy. Felice finds herself being slut-shamed and all eyes at the school are on her.

Elsewhere, August is feeling especially happy and calm as he does not have a sword hanging over his head. He is particularly excited about being Wilhelm’s backup and the possibility of being the king. Things are also going well with Sara as they keep sending each other flirty messages.

Everyone at the school is preparing for the Saint Valentine’s party. It is one of the oldest traditions in Hillerska where the students write love letters and poems to their crushes and ask each other the masquerade ball inspired by the 1700s.

At lunch, Vincent asks Wilhelm to spill the details of his rendezvous with Felice. Wilhelm gets angry about the tradition to invade each other’s privacy. He lies that they were just watching a movie but Vincent says Henry saw everything. Simon is pissed to hear that Wilhelm was making out on his bed with Felice and angrily leaves the room.

He texts Marcus and as they hang out he invites him to the ball. Marcus says that school parties and a ball are not his thing and invites him over to watch movies at his place instead. Simon says he can’t bail on the ball as the choir is performing the new song he wrote for the school.

The next day at school, Simon confronts Wilhelm about not giving him a heads-up about the situation with Felice. Wilhelm argues that Simon can’t have double standards as he also has Marcus who he kissed in front of him. Wilhelm asks if Simon and Marcus are official but Simon just shrugs and says at least Marcus is open about their relationship. This frustrates Wilhelm who points out that it is Simon who is having trouble accepting the reality that comes with him being the crown prince.

After their argument, Wilhelm goes to Felice and starts complaining about his argument with Simon. Felice is surprised that he is not talking about the rumors going on or their kiss. Wilhelm apologizes and admits he kissed her to see if it will feel different. Felice tells him that she was in love with him and it was crappy of him to kiss her when he knew how she felt. Wilhelm tells her he is sorry about what happened and asks if they can remain friends. Felice admits that she no longer has feelings for him and she is open to them being friends. They decide to go to the masquerade ball together.

Meanwhile, Sara and August are going strong and he confesses to her the fact that he is next in line for the throne. Sara asks him to be better than Wilhelm and not hurt her to protect the royal family. August promises to never hurt her and asks her to accompany him to the masquerade ball. At first, Sara is scared as she doesn’t want Felice to find out about her relationship with August but he convinces her. She later changes her mind and chooses to go with the girls instead.

At the masquerade ball, Simon shows up with Marcus and Wilhelm decides to change tactics and be friendly to the couple. He tells Simon that he understands that he is no longer in love with him and wishes him the best with Marcus. Simon is surprised and follows him out of the building and they end up kissing.

The Episode Review

Simon is realizing that he might be pushing Wilhelm too far. For most of season 2, they have not been able to address their issues because they won’t communicate with each other. They are hurting each other more by playing these games when they can have an honest conversation and find a solution.

Sara is a smart girl but too blinded by her love for August to see how his ambitions will tear them apart. This is someone who did such a vile thing to her brother but she is trusting him with her heart. Undoubtedly, this secret romance will soon blow up in her face. She should brace herself for his betrayal especially now that he believes he has a clear shot to be the future king of Sweden.

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