Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Just Friends… Right?

Episode 3 of Young Royals Season 2 starts with August calling his stepdad who is a lawyer to discuss the legal consequences of filming and sharing a sex tape. His dad tells him the issue is severe and the penal value is prison. August is scared that the royal family is coming after him and that is why the queen wants to meet with him.

Vincent is preparing the rowing team for a game against their mortal enemy Sprucewood in three days. He is frustrated that August is a no-show at the practice and is taking it out on Simon. Wilhelm checks on him and Simon says he always has to prove himself because people like Vincent always blame him if things go wrong.

Meanwhile, Felice informs Sara that her family has found prospective buyers for the horse and they will drop by the next day to see Rosseau. Sara insists on being there as she wants to meet the people who will own Rosseau and make sure he is in safe hands. Felice receives a message from Wilhelm so she leaves Sara at the stable and heads over to Wilhelm’s room. Wilhelm invites her for dinner and he calls the Royal Court to order the food that Felice is craving.

Wilhelm confesses that he went through Simon’s phone and he knows Simon lied to him about his relationship with Marcus. Felice reprimands him for going through Simon’s phone and asks him to ask Simon directly. Wilhelm says he feels hurt that Simon is moving on but it is his fault and feels he has no right to ask.

On the other hand, Simon is hanging out with Ayub and Rosh who are helping him keep his stamina for the rowing game. They are also interested in finding out how things are going with Marcus. They tell him that Marcus reached out to them when he failed to reply to his texts. Simon says he is unsure how to proceed because it seems like Marcus likes him and wants something serious. Ayub and Rosh think he is still hung up on Wilhelm and that is why he has trouble moving on.

The next morning, Wilhelm runs into Nils at the therapist’s office. Nils tells him he thinks the therapist is pretty decent and that is why Erik used to see him too. Wilhelm is surprised to hear his late brother used to see a therapist. He always thought that Erik handled everything privately so that people don’t take advantage of them. Hearing that Erik used to see the same therapist helps Wilhelm open up and he talks about his feelings for Simon.

In class, Sara, Simon and Wilhelm end up in the same study group for a book. Wilhelm uses this opportunity to directly ask why Simon lied about Marcus and the status of their relationship. Simon tells him that they are hanging out but they are not together.

The new buyers for Rosseau show up and they are a piece of work and Sara makes Felice promise they won’t sell them the horse.

Simon shows his teacher the new lyrics and arrangement he has made for his solo at the anniversary ceremony. The teacher is pleased and promises to speak to the principal about the modern performance of the school song.

Later that night, Simon visits the stable to see Sara and is surprised to see her speaking to August. He is also there to see Marcus and they have an honest talk about their relationship. Simon tells him he is not ready and Marcus says he is willing to wait. He thinks Simon is scared that he will hurt him as Wilhelm did so he assures him that he won’t hurt him. He promises to take the relationship slowly and even promises to come to the rowing competition.

Sara sneaks into August’s room as he had asked her to talk. She initially thought he wants sex but he just wants to talk. He tells her about the queen’s summon and she encourages him to be honest and remorseful. They end up having sex and Sara is excited about being with him but lies about her whereabouts to Felice.

The rowing competition day finally arrives and the team loses and as predicted Vincent blames Simon for their loss. Marcus shows up as promised and cheers for Simon. At the end of the game, he consoles him with a kiss and Wilhelm witnesses this sweet moment. After the game, Simon gets tired of being blamed even though it was not his fault and quits the team. The boys also plan to get back at Sprucewood by egging their dorms later on that night.

August meets with the queen and he was worried for no reason. The queen wants him to be the backup plan in case Wilhelm will fold under the pressure of being the crown prince. He is officially the next in line even though the queen is against this decision. She feels what he did is unforgivable and explains in no certain terms will she withdraw her support for Wilhelm.

Wilhelm is riling from seeing Simon and Marcus kiss so he tries to find solace in Felice. As they hang out in his room, one thing leads to another and they kiss. They are about to have sex… but they are interrupted and Felice runs away.

The Episode Review

The idea to make August next in line will definitely cut a deeper wedge between the two cousins. It is not a good idea given how jealous August has always been of Wilhelm. If the only roadblock to his ascension to the throne is Wilhelm folding under pressure, I am sure he will sabotage Wilhelm. He has already proven he is capable of being diabolical so how will this go?

Everyone has been making bad decisions in this episode and it has been frustrating – yet deliciously saucy – to watch. The next episode ought to be intriguing as we see how Wilhelm and Felice will navigate their feelings. This being a high school, the rumours are bound to soon reach Simon and I am excited to see his reaction.

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