Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

I Will Not Leave

Episode 2 of Young Royals Season 2 starts with the Principal coming to get Wilhelm as the queen is trying to reach him. Wilhelm asks the principal to say he is busy and refuses to talk to her. He quietly watches Simon sing before heading out.

Sara is celebrating her 18th birthday and the girls at the manor wake her up with a cake and a birthday song. They give her new expensive riding jeans as a birthday gift. She initially tries to refuse them but they tell her it is tradition to pitch in and buy a birthday gift for each other every year.

Simon later meets her and gives her a birthday present from their mom and himself. Sara is not grateful for the new riding jeans and tells him the girls have her a better brand. She is hoping to return Simon’s gift and get the money instead. She is also not going home to celebrate with her family but will have a pajama party at the manor with the girls. Simon ignores her and calls Rosh and Ayub to wish her a happy birthday.

Rosh and Ayub are more interested in how Simon is getting along with Marcus and he tells them they might go see a movie at Marcus’s place. Rosh and Ayub think that means that they will sleep together. Sara also thinks it is a good idea and says that Marcus is a better choice as he doesn’t need to be saved all the time.

Matters at the boys’ house are getting out of hand and the third years are frustrated that the crown prince is not respecting August. Wilhelm tells Vincent that maybe it is time they pick a new prefect. He suggests that Vincent would make a great prefect and assures him that he would get more votes than August.

They head to their morning classes and Wilhelm is asked to step out of class. The guard (Jan-Olof) is there to take Wilhelm out of school. After his call to his mom when he threatened to go public about his desire not to be crown prince, the Royal family is taking action.

Wilhelm refuses to leave and holds on to the desk as his guard tries desperately to make him leave. They are forced to call the queen who talks to Wilhelm. They reach an agreement that Wilhelm will remain at school if he takes his role as the crown prince seriously. He is also going to give a speech at the anniversary ceremony and attend therapy. In return, his mom will pull out the bodyguards and will discuss plans to help him come out when he turns 18.

After the incident, Wilhelm asks Simon if they are going to continue ignoring each other. He accuses Simon of not caring but Simon tells him that he went to the principal to ask her to help him. Wilhelm asks Simon to get back together but they will have to hide his relationship for the next two years. Simon refuses and says he has no plans to be his secret.

At the pajama birthday party, Sara accidentally discovers that Felice knows that August is the one who filmed the sex tape. The girls also talk about the people they have slept with and Sara admits to being a virgin. The girls tell her that sex is different with someone they have feelings for which makes her curious.

The next morning Sara sneaks into August’s room and tells her that Felice was the one who told Wilhelm about the sex tape. August is worried that Felice will go public with the information but Sara tells him to consider publicly apologizing before Felice outs him.

She also asks to kiss him as she is curious about something. August kisses her and she tells him the girls were right. The sensation was better because she likes him. She directly tells him that she wants to have sex with him, leaving August flustered.

Simon decides to go on a movie date with Marcus at his house. He makes the first move and kisses Marcus. Marcus politely tells him that he is interested in him and wants to take the relationship slowly. Simon is flustered and agrees so they just watch a movie.

Meanwhile, Wilhelm attends his first therapy session but is hesitant to talk about himself. The therapist assures him that their discussion is confidential but Wilhelm still refuses to open up.

Poisoned by Wilhelm’s suggestion, Vincent decides to rally support from other boys and impeach August. August is livid much to the joy of Wilhelm who is enjoying taking away the things August cares about.

Felice decides to invite Wilhelm to the shooting range to distract him from the Simon situation. Unfortunately, Marcus is the person supervising the students at the shooting range. Wilhelm keeps his cool and tells Felice that Simon and Marcus are currently dating. He is sad that Simon has moved on quickly like he meant nothing to him.
Felice advises him to change tactics and find ways to spend more time with Simon.

Later at dinner, Felice tells Sara that she is quitting riding and will be selling Rosseau. The other girls offer their horses to Sara but she is still sad about saying goodbye to Rosseau.

The next morning, the rowing team are led by their new captain to run a track to decide who qualifies for the team. Simon and Wilhelm have a late start and decide to cheat and take a shortcut. They run into Marcus and Wilhelm asks Simon how he knows Marcus. Simon gives him a lame excuse about everyone knowing everyone in a small town and doesn’t tell him they are dating. Thanks, to the shortcut they took, Wilhelm and Simon make the team.

After the morning run, at the locker room, August listens to his voicemail. Jan-Olof left him a message informing him that the queen has requested his presence the coming Tuesday. Wilhelm also spots Simon receiving a message. He checks Simon’s phone and sees the message was from Marcus thanking him for the previous night and telling him how cute he looked running.

The Episode Review

Wilhelm should have known that the royal family will not take his uproar lying down. It was funny seeing him clutching to a desk as his bodyguard tried to forcefully remove him. I am glad they found a common ground – although temporarily.

It is more concerning that the queen is reaching out to August. What could they possibly be planning? Whatever it is, it’s doubtful that it’ll be in the best interest for Wilhelm.

It is understandable why Simon doesn’t want to be Wilhelm’s secret and why he can’t trust him. Wilhelm is asking too much of him and he is not obligated to have a relationship under Wilhelm’s terms.

Sara is so ungrateful and tries so hard to fit in. She should reflect on herself because it was rude of her to tell Simon that the girls got her a better gift. Isn’t it draining trying to be someone she is not? I wish she could just be herself and be proud of her upbringing.

Lastly, does no one in this show understand boundaries and privacy? They keep sneakily going through each other’s phones!

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