Young Royals Season 1 Ending Explained – Is it a royally happy ending for Wilhelm?

Young Royals Plot Synopsis

Young Royals is a predictable but well written foray into the trials and tribulations of young love. Specifically, the show hones in on same sex relationships and the conflicted feelings and ideas that can come from that.

The story centers on Prince Wilhelm, who’s thrust into a new boarding school called Hillerska after a scandalous video of him fighting in a nightclub does the rounds.

There, he meets Simon whom he begins a hidden romance with across the season.

Why did August leak the video online?

After being humiliated by Wilhelm in front of The Society, August leaked the video he shot of Simon and Wilhelm together in bed. He was upset with Wilhelm outing his dire financial situation and hit back in the worst way possible.

Before that, we’d seen August contemplating whether to leak the video or not, even enquiring about romance and ideas with his friends. In the end, during a fit of rage, he decides to leak it online via the work computer. However, Sara notices him doing so from afar.

Does Sara love August?

It would seem Sara has had a crush on August for quite some time. After his kiss in the stables several episodes prior, she didn’t quite know how to react. After sending the pictures online with Felice, Sara eventually succumbs to her true feelings late on.

After confronting August about the leaked videos, she mentions how she looks up to him and has always admired the way he acts. August is pretty incredulous but it eventually results in the pair kissing and hooking up. Love may be a bit of a stretch here but there’s definitely some affection growing between them.

Does August pay Simon back completely?

In the end, it’s safe to assume August has paid Simon back completely. August’s dire finances are actually resolved by Wilhelm, who uses his connections to sort out August’s estate.

Before finding out about the leaked video, Wilhelm organizes for August’s tuition fees to be paid. This allows him to remain at school and not be kicked out.

Across the season August has been paying Simon back in small amounts as he’s sold the pills. Given his financial situation has now brightened up, it’s safe to assume he’s held true to his promise and paid him back entirely.

Do Simon and Wilhelm end up together?

Young Royals’ ending is one that’s certainly quite bittersweet. By the end, Wilhelm openly embraces his sexuality but still withdraws a little in public. During the Christmas break he approaches Simon and hugs him tightly in front of everyone. It’s the first sign of affection he’s shown toward Simon in public and a big step for him.

If you’ll remember, way back in episode 2 Wilhelm couldn’t even touch Simon’s hand before heading outside for some air. Being able to hug his lover tightly is a big step for him. Wilhelm also whispers “love you” as well, which only reinforces his feelings.

Although they don’t end up together at the end, Wilhelm is well on his way to accepting his sexuality and openly embracing who he truly is. If this is green-lit for season 2, we could well see these two in a happily ever after romance.

Why does Wilhelm look at the camera at the end?

Right at the end of the season, Wilhelm breaks the fourth wall and looks directly at the camera. This comes off the back of his meeting with Simon and in the car driving away. It feels like a significant moment where Wilhelm is aware of the public spotlight and remains dead-set on changing his life.

He’s been conflicted over his true feelings all season long and this feels like a nod to the audience that this isn’t the last we’ll see of these characters.


Thanks for reading our Ending Explained article! What did you think of the ending? Do you think Simon and Wilhelm will end up together in the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Young Royals Season 1 Ending Explained – Is it a royally happy ending for Wilhelm?”

  1. simons feelings have not fared too well in this series I think the writers made a huge mistake in making Omar behave like a young man with all the answers ,this is very dangerous for mental health,simon does not have a lot of support among his peers,if he has a breakdown who will come to his rescue,his sister,not with August,his mother? She has to work,the Queen? She’s a Royal bigot and a homophobe,August,not in your dreams,wilhelm,no,he still is not yet strong enough to buck school,,life,simon needs help,while he gets it he just might think , this will kill me,and leave quietly.willie will then find out and its up to him to go find simon and convince him ,that he Willie,has changed,and he loves simon,wants him back,and is sorry how he treated him,he gives up the throne.

  2. I think Season 2 will see them rebuilding after initial tension at the beginning especially when Simon finds out about August and Sara. This may bring them closer.

    I agree, the hug at the end was a sign of I am ready now and finding out it was August who betrayed him so profoundly than his mum protecting August and not him, gave him the wake-up call he needed to fight for himself as no one else will.

    The look into the camera at the end gave me the feeling that he was saying ‘watch out and I am ready to fight now’ and i.e. the next season will hold so much more! They have just finished filming so hopefully we will get a release date soon.

  3. I need Wilhelm and Simon to happen. There are certain things in life I cannot live without, including Sokeefe, but this may be THE thing I cannot live without. They are beautiful. Also, Wilhelm’s slow discovering of his sexuality feels like me, except I’m not with someone like Simon. Also, opposite genders, but not the point.

  4. The last fourth wall breaking could be a reference to season to, since it kinda shows us that we are not done yet. Hope to see more of them. I m obsessed with them for sure!!!

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