Young Royals – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Young Royals begins with Simon and Wilhelm on top of the world. What they don’t realize is that August has a video of them together. As their time draws to an end, August contemplates what to do with the video.

After teasing Wilhelm in the morning and quizzing him over where he was that evening, Sara does the same thing with Simon. However, Alexander has been suspended which puts Wilhelm in a difficult position going forward. He’s forced to lie and say the party never actually took place.

Meanwhile, Sara receives a text from her Father asking to meet. However, she’s not so sure she wants to, given what’s transpired in the past.

Felice is there though and she helps give some words of encouragement to her friend. In fact, this allows Sara to spend time with Felice and her friends, as they get dressed up and wear makeup for the evening meal ahead.

After, they head back to the dorms where Sara admits she’s never been in love or had a date. However, she does admit that August kissed her in the stables last episode. As revenge, they post pictures up on social media calling him out.

Unaware of the trouble brewing, Simon and Wilhelm continue to spend time together. They head over to Simon’s house, where the pair end up alone and kissing again.

Thee next day, “the society” gather where August admits that they need to find a solution to this Alexander situation. If they don’t find a way out of stopping his expulsion, Alex is going to tell on everyone and admit what they’ve all been doing. Of course, Wilhelm is the one put on the spot when he learns Simon has been their dealer all this time.

Upon learning this, Wilhelm takes Simon aside and questions his drug dealing. He also reveals that the society boys are going to use him as a scapegoat. This put Wilhelm in a difficult situation and caught in the middle of this. Wilhelm’s royal reputation is at stake. But so too is Simon’s life, which could be ruined forever. What will Wilhelm do?

August is called into the headmistresses’ office and questioned about his tuition. Thanks to a lack of funds, August is forced to quit school after the Christmas break unless things change dramatically.

Another meeting is called with August and the boys but Wilhelm decides they should blame Alexander rather than Simon. August is having none of it but the two end up coming to blows. There, the truth about August’s tuition comes out as the group decide to blame Alexander after all.

With August at the end of his tether, he uploads the video online of Wilhelm and Simon together. However, Sara notices him at the work computer from afar. She doesn’t think much of it as she receives a message from Felice, heading off to the ceremony where she’s crowned the Lucia.

Everything goes horribly wrong by the end of the episode. Sara’s father shows up to see her at the ceremony, despite her wishes for Simon not to allow this to happen.

Meanwhile, August receives a call from the headmistress where it’s revealed Wilhelm actually helped resolve his tuition issues. The Queen has sorted everything out and he’s allowed to stay on at school.

As the video starts to go viral, lots of question marks remain over exactly what’s going to happen next.

The Episode Review

Young Royals starts to turn up the tension and drama here as the episode hones in on August’s choice. It’s a particularly bitter pill to swallow for him because Wilhelm actually helped him out with his tuition and this is how he repays him.

Meanwhile, Simon and Wilhelm’s relationship continues to hit roadblocks – this time in the form of a possible expulsion. Thankfully Wilhelm does the right thing but it’s very clear now that this situation is going to end in tears given what we’ve found out about the leaked video.

Everything is set up nicely for this final episode, with lots of ensuing drama and bubbling issues that look set to spill over in dramatic fashion.

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