Young Royals – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Conflicted Feelings

Episode 3 of Young Royals Season 1 begins with Simon and Wilhelm together after their eventful evening. While sat playing the piano, Wilhelm decides they should just forget what happened between them. That obviously rattles Simon, who tries not to show his disappointment as he walks away.

Meanwhile, Felice starts to get into the groove of horse riding. Sara watches from the wings but there’s something troubling her. Parents weekend is coming up and this causes a buzz to ascend around campus. This is especially trying given Wilhelm’s Mother is the Queen and she’s obviously not doing to intend.

However, this also means that he’ll still be at campus. He sees this as a golden opportunity to see Simon, taking back what he said originally and deciding they should see each other after all.

Back home Simon receives his bill for private tuition. He sneaks it away from his Mother and remains dead-set on finding August and getting him to pay back the money he owes. Instead, August simply scoffs at him nd tells the boy he should be more careful. Going one step further, Simon and Sara are stopped from being allowed to attend lunch given it’s prohibited to non-boarders.

Wilhelm decides to snub August and sits at Simon’s table instead. When Felice mentions how much she’s horse-riding, Sara interjects and reminds her that actually she isn’t. It’s Sara who’s been doing all the work.

When Felice rushes out the room, embarrassed, Wilhelm follows to try and help. Only, she leans forward and kisses him. She completely misreads the situation and Wilhelm is obviously taken aback, causing drama to ensue between them.

That night Simon decides to confront August again about the money -this time with his friends. When August turns and walks away though, Simon pins him down and forces him to pay up. Only, August suddenly lets loose, admitting that his family is completely broke. He’s been coasting along on his family name all this time, which explains why he hasn’t been paying.

That evening, Sara teases her brother over Wilhelm and how he likes him. Elsewhere, Felice heads in to see August given he likes her. After Wilhelm’s rejection she’s clearly using him to quell her pain.

Speaking of which, Simon and Wilhelm learn that August is staying at the school during the week they’re due to spend time together. Instead of staying on campus, they decide to crash at Simon’s instead. Only, things take a turn for the worst when Wilhelm is called into the school office. Erik has been involved in a car accident.

The Episode Review

Well that was unexpected! Erik’s car accident causes ripples to pulsating throughout the show with many question marks over exactly how Wilhelm is going to handle this going forward.

Speaking of which, Wilhelm and Simon continue to grow closer together, with Wilhelm finally succumbing to how he’s really feeling and embracing these emotions. It’s a really beautiful story so far between the two, one that sees them navigating the difficult world of school in the midst of this.

Interestingly, August’s character gets a lot more development here too. Seeing him riding the coattails of his family name and actually being in over his head and struggling with money is a nice twist. It also helps to give his character a lot more depth than one may be expecting at first glance.

Either way, the show has done a great job portraying these characters with enough depth and nuance to help them stand out. This twist at the end looks like it could have big consequences for the season ahead but for now we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

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