Young Royals – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Hillerska Boarding School

Episode 1 of Young Royals begins in the aftermath of a nightclub brawl. Sporting a nasty cut up his cheek, Prince Wilhelm is told to give a public apology. He’s not happy though, and even more so when he’s told to enroll at Hillerska Boarding School with immediate effect. Given his Mum is the Queen, it’s not like he has much choice in the matter.

When he arrives, Wilhelm is immediately introduced to hotshot August. He helps carry Wilhelm’s bags inside, as our Prince finds himself alone after saying bye to his brother, Erik. While this is going on, the other kids try their best to rustle up some alcohol for Wilhelm’s initiation party.

Elsewhere, Felice gives a frosty greeting to Sara, berating her for trying to help out with the horses. Simon arrives to meet his sister though, as they both head home. As they do, they notice memes of Wilhelm trending online.

They’re not the only ones watching Wilhelm though, as it’s soon revealed that Felice has a soft spot for him and clearly fancies him.

The night rolls round and Wilhelm prepares for the initiation party that’s being thrown for him. Before that, the Housemaster shows at Forest Ridge House, gathering the kids in prayer before they eat.

The next day, Wilhelm meets Simon at breakfast for the first time. Only, their conversation is broken up by August who encourages Wilhelm to move and sit next to him. In order to prove them wrong, Simon decides to rustle up some cash from his Father.

He’s not exactly living the high life and their relationship is estranged, especially when he forgets Simon is gay. There’s definitely more to this story so hold that thought.

The initiation gets underway and August leads the charge. A series of hazing games take place. I say games, it’s a torturous ordeal but Wilhelm manages to survive and become initiated into the group.

During the height of the party, Wilhelm heads outside with Simon where they get talking together. They clearly have a connection and end up hiding from Nils and August outside. As Wilhelm and Simon sit close together, the episode comes to a close with obvious sexual tension in the air.

The Episode Review

The first episode of Young Royals sees our kids acquainted at the boarding school and preparing for the school year ahead. The focus is of course on Wilhelm and his change of scenery, but there’s certainly an interesting group of characters alongside him too.

Already you can tell Wilhelm and Simon are going to grow closer together. August and Nils are quite obviously the antagonists in all this; the bad influences that believe they’re better than everyone else.

You also have Sara and Felice too, with the angle of Felice caught up on Wilhelm and wanting to date him. It’s a really interesting dynamic and one that takes influence from shows like Get Even and Elite for its hierarchical set up.

For now, the show bows out with a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come after laying some good ground-work

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