You Are My Spring Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained


How does You Are My Spring begin?

Episode 16 of You Are My Spring begins with Da-Jeong at work, contemplating her trip over to San Francisco. As a new couple, this is going to feel like an eternity.

Even worse, Patrick is enlisting in the army and with the news breaking, Ga-Yeong feels like her life has been turned upside down too.

Does Jae-Sik resign?

Meanwhile, Jae-Sik says his goodbyes to Jeong-Beom at his funeral. After, he heads off to eat with the apartment gang where it’s revealed that he’s going to resign soon.

Well, a later incident involving a crook outside with a knife soon changes his tone, as he decides to stick around after all. The smile he gives after this man is arrested seems to hint that he wants to remain working as an officer.

What happens with Tae-Jeong and Eun-Ha?

Tae-Jeong and Eun-Ha have some explaining to do after they make a lot of noise at Da-Jeong’s place the previous evening. After sheepishly explaining themselves, Tae-Jeong

While they spend time together, Tae-Jeong and Eun-Ha continue to get frisky. In fact, there’s even a moment later on where Da-Jeong walks in on them getting sexual together, oops!

Does Ian find closure?

Ian Chase waits for Da-Jeong at the hotel and contemplates what life would have been like had he not spoken to Jae-Sik. Of course, “what ifs” can only get you so far and he decides to try and look past this.

While he does, Young-Do reflects on life, hope and those small acts of kindness, which we see play out through a bottle of drink which is passed across to a suicidal man, who in turn is saved from jumping by a bridge. This imagery though is overlaid by narration from Young-Do himself, who happens to be on his radio show.

Anyway, we then cut forward to see Ian being questioned by a doctor. Apparently he’s still suffering from hallucinations and hearing footsteps. He’s struggling to know the different between guilt and discomfort, and has a message for his sibling. Within this, he mentions how he’s the shadow and basically asks for forgiveness. He’s come to terms with what’s happened and getting professional help now.

What happens with Da-Jeong and Young-Do?

Young-Do finishes his radio session and heads up to the rooftop with Da-Jeong. There, he reflects back on their time together. “You reached out your hand to me during the painful changing of seasons. You are my spring.”

Well, the pair have finally come to their crescendo, and so too does this drama. The final 5 minutes bow us out with a nice little montage to show how far these guys have come.

The Episode Review

You Are My Spring has been an enjoyable drama over the weeks, even if it has been a little tonally discordant at times. The murder mystery elements just have not worked well with this slice of life romance stuff, and here it’s especially apparent.

Essentially this entire hour works as an epilogue, giving everyone their closure – but dragged out across an entire hour.

The reflective ideas on society as a whole and how people interact with one another is nice, while the main themes of the show come together really well to show that this is, in fact, a healing drama.

Did we really need a whole episode to show this though? Probably not. However, the conclusion does round things out pretty well so it’s fair to say we probably won’t be getting a second season.

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  1. I enjoyed the series but sometimes it moved too slowly. I am having trouble with the closed captioning in the K-Dramas because it often goes by to fast to read. In this slow-moving series I must be close to wearig out the rewind button on my remote control; rewinds to finish reading the closed captioning. I had some difficulty following the story thread of of the murders and my mind kept trying to figure out whichI like in a murder mystery. I didn’t understand what the relationship with the hospital administrator was with Ian. I need to read the synopsis. It seemed she was hinting at him intentionally to botch the surgery he was there to do, but I’m not sure. At the end she told him he would, “be sorry,” whatever that meant and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never did. Ian also asked someone, near the end, to show him what Young-Do looked like; didn’t make sense. I wondered if he wanted to kill Young-Do. Sometimes I thought the series tried to cover too many relationship issues.

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