You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Confession

Episode 8 of You Are My Spring starts with Da-Jeong and Young-Do hugging. She sheds tears, as the pair embrace and let their worries go. Well, this act of embracing is something Young-Do reflects on as we see this play out across a number of different couples.

Meanwhile, Da-Jeong’s Mum receives her pink helmet and realizes that it’s a gift from Young-Do. However, he’s unsure what relation he has to her daughter. In order to find out, she enlists her son Tae-Jung to find out.

They’re not the only ones asking questions though. All the apartment crew come up with their own theories over what happened. Eventually they settle on Young-Do rejecting her after a confession of love.

This topic of love continues to dance on the periphery of what both Young-Do and Da-Jeong are really feeling. Da-Jeong in particular is irritable and Ga-Yeong immediately picks up on this after a hurried phone call. In fact, she rings Young-Do outright and confronts him about this. Midway through talking she and Patrick end up shooting compliments at one another and get distracted.

Da-Jeong ends up writing a letter which is subsequently read out at the radio show. Young-Do is there in attendance of course, and reading this note causes him to second guess his relationship with Da-Jeong. Hilariously, a number of different comments are read out on the matter, swinging both ways between love and friendship. Well, Young-Do eventually admits on-air that he just wants to be by her side.

After a day out with ice-cream, courtesy of the young child Da-Jeong is looking after, Ian heads to the hospital. There, the Vice-Chairman requests an audience. She mentions his twin brother dying and how death seems to be following Ian everywhere he goes. With him so accustomed to this, she asks Chase to take one for the team. With a large envelope used as collateral, lots of question marks are left over this but it appears like she wants him to botch the surgery.

Meanwhile, Jin-Bok and the crew are called out to an incident at an underpass. There, a strange man smashed a bottle over the head of another homeless patron that very night, walking away while he bleeds out. It’s a thin segment in truth, and one that teases that we’ve got more to come in the episodes ahead.

Back at the apartment, Eun-Ha and Ga-Yeong end up becoming friends after drinking with Da-Jeong on the rooftop. There’s a particularly amusing segment just before this including Young-Do’s assistant, but when Da-Jeong accidentally rips off Young-Do’s shirt, she sends a hurried message apologizing for what happened.

That evening, Da-Jeong receives a call from Ian asking to meet at the coffee bar. However, he checks one of the tables and notices a paper flower. The same paper flower that Da-Jeong received with instructions to head to the station. Was it him? Was this really Ian’s doing? Well, Young-Do shows up to save Da-Jeong, who looks terrified when she sees Ian with the rose. Young-Do holds Da-Jeong’s wrist as a way of reminding her that he’s by her side.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. You Are My Spring slows down this time around, changing the tone once more from serious across to more lighthearted comedy until very late on in the game. This show has been a difficult one to predict across the weeks and that’s been both a blessing a curse. It certainly makes the show a little tonally inconsistent at times.

The dialogues are decent though and the characters themselves interesting enough to stick with for the time being. This whole Jeong-Min/Chae-Jun/Ian Chase issue is really starting to get interesting too. I’m pretty convinced that Ian and Jeong-Min must have switched at some point, with one potentially pushing the other to their doom. It may not be outside the realm of possibility that they forged the other’s suicide note too. We’ll have to wait and see what the truth is though.

For the time being, You Are My Spring has been an endearing watch and a lighthearted chapter here helps to serve as a proverbial deep breath before things take a more melodramatic turn.

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